What can you do for Mom if gifts are not her thing?

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No problem. There are plenty of other ways to serve your mom this Mother’s Day. Let your mom know how much you care with these 10 ideas to create memories that last.

  1. Plan an experience gift your mom will love.Purposefully create a memory by planning something your mom loves to do. Schedule a brunch where she doesn’t have to do any cooking or cleaning. Or if it’s your mom’s thing, plan a day together at a museum or go antiquing, followed by a special lunch. Or if your mom loves the spa, get those massages and pedicures together. Don’t want to break the bank? Rent her favorite movie and watch it together with some popcorn. Or take a walk together at an arboretum or park where you can catch up and take in springtime at the same time.
  2. Write a letter. Unplug from the quick digital messages and write your mom a handwritten letter, expressing what she means to you. Not only is a handwritten letter a rare thing these days, (she’s probably not expecting a letter), it’s also a keepsake she can save forever.
  3. Give her a day.Maybe the one thing your mom never gets is a day of her own to spend as she wishes. Take care of your mom’s responsibilities to free up her time. Show up with dinner, clean her house, or run her errands. Do all three to really WOW her. Free up your mom’s time so she can spend it on herself. Maybe she will put her feet up and read a great book.
  4. Take pictures.Round up all of your siblings and arrange a professional photo shoot for the family. Include your kids if you can (every mom loves time spent with the grandkids!). Or if your family is spread across the country, how about a photo album? Shutterfly photo books are user-friendly and can be an inexpensive way to create a customized photo book with fun text and graphics.
  5. Garden together. Instead of giving your mom flowers, plant a small garden together or a special plant. Not only is it quality time together, but it’s a lasting (blooming!) memory of your day together. Show up with a gift basket of garden supplies like pretty gardening tools, new gloves and a special plant, to start your day out right. Enjoy your quality time together gardening in the sunshine.
  6. Pay tribute. Perhaps Mother’s Day is a difficult day for you because you’ve lost your mother, a step-mother, or a grandmother. You can still celebrate Mother’s Day by honoring the memory of your mother or grandmother. Buy your mom’s favorite flowers. Light a candle. Frame a photo of the two of you. Or, donate your time on Mother’s Day in your mother’s memory and volunteer for a charitable organization or visit a nursing home.
  7. Work on traditions together.While you and your mom may have your traditions, ask your mom what traditions she had with her mother, and consider carrying those traditions on together and passing them down to your own kids. Family traditions are a special way to connect across generations and carry history into the present day.
  8. Make a music playlist. Put all of your mom’s favorite songs together on one playlist for her. It takes time and thought to download your mom’s favorite tunes together, and it’s a gift your mom can replay again and again. The right musical mix can inspire your mom and show her how much you care.
  9. Workout together. Can you buy some yoga classes the two of you can take together? Or maybe some spinning classes where you can meet up on the weekend? Get it all set up and give your mom the gift of health and quality time together. It’s an experience gift the two of you can enjoy together well beyond Mother’s Day!
  10. Make a video.Shoot a video capturing how much you appreciate mom. Get all of your siblings to join in and capture what mom means to each of you. Make a multimedia collage and choose from pictures, video clips and tunes from your phone to make your mom a video montage. Now she has a memory she can watch over and over.
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