Planning your franken-tastic gathering – Caution: Halloween party waste can be frightening!

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Are you planning a beary be-witching Halloween party? Perhaps you’re having your kids’ friends over for a bash to eat, drink, and be scary?

Parties and special events don’t have to haunt you with lot of waste. There are ways you can reduce waste and your impact on the environment when planning your franken-tastic gathering.

  1. Buy only what you need.Sometimes it’s hard to judge how much food or party utensils you’ll need. Reducing the amount you purchase or consume saves money and waste. In addition, realize that reducing the amount you purchase helps to reduce the demand for the product. If we all reduce the amount we purchase, manufacturers take note and make less, thereby reducing their impact on our natural resources.
  2. Borrow, rent or buy used.Need extra tables and chairs? Don’t buy them; instead rent them from a local party supplier. If you have to purchase items, check your local thrift stores first. Once again, purchasing new items tends to cost more, increases the demand for manufacturers to make more, thereby impacting our natural resources.
  3. Reusable vs. disposable.The smaller your party is, the easier it is to reduce waste. Can you provide reusable napkins, plates and utensils? Reusable items are always preferable. If you are throwing a larger party, however, it might not be convenient to use cloth napkins, dishware and silverware. Just remember that plasticware is not recyclable, due to the type of plastic it is made from.
  4. Recycle your candy wrappers, but not curbside!For kids, it’s all about the quantity of candy! Now, you don’t have to throw those wrappers in the trash; you have the opportunity to recycle them!

Thanks to a partnership between Subaru and TerraCycle, you can take those wrappers to either one of these locations for recycling:

  • Castle Subaru, 5020 US Highway 6, Portage, 219-764-5020
  • International Subaru of Merrillville, 1777 West US Rt. 30, 855-315-4266

For more information and tips, visit www.PorterCountyRecycling.org, email info@PorterCountyRecycling.org, or call 465-3694.

Remember: If the broom fits, ride it!


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