Adventures in Retirement Pursue different types of activities and create goals for all of them

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Retired seniors usually have a good idea of what they want to do in when they retire, but sometimes they have been too busy with their jobs to think about what to do with the free time that usually comes with retirement.

Whether you have thought about it or not, plans or ideas that you are considering can be stated as “goals.”  A goal might be a desire to take more vacations, or to take up golf, or to learn a language.  The point is that a retired person would be well advised to create some sort of goals for retired life in order to determine whether they are wasting their time or doing things that bring value to their lifestyle.

Another reason for having goals is that goals help to overcome the common problem of being afraid of having nothing to do or becoming bored.  Often fear of boredom is a reason people delay retirement.

There are many kinds of activities that a person might set goals for.  It might simply be to do nothing, although that is not exactly a goal.  “Nothing,” for example, could be going fishing, or getting into better physical shape, or spending more time with the grandkids.

Another type of goal is to contribute time to charitable activities.  This can take many forms, but it usually involves contributing your time or efforts for a worthy cause.

The next type of goal is part-time work. Whether it is work needed to make ends meet, work that takes advantage of your skills, work in a profession to “keep your hand in the game,” or just a desire to learn about other types of work, you might wish to set a goal towards what you want to achieve.

You might want to concentrate on finding fun or pleasurable activities to participate in.  Goals can even be established for pleasurable activities.

Searching for new activities is especially satisfying and can lead to a series of goals.  Seeking out things that you have never done and trying them out can create tremendous satisfaction when you find something you never did before and start doing it.  You may find it enlightening, enjoyable or satisfying, or all three.

Challenging yourself is also a satisfying way of achieving goals when you choose activities that take some effort to achieve. Learning to play a musical instrument, or to speak a new language, or play a new sport–are all difficult activities that entail a challenge that can become a goal.

The final type of activity is all of the above. The most exciting way to live retirement life is to pursue different types of activities and create goals for all of them.  This route provides satisfaction, enjoyment, and joy of life, and eliminates the danger of boredom that affects some retirees.

Remember, the main purpose of your goals should reflect what you want out of your activity: fun, satisfaction, learning, accomplishment, excitement or pleasure.  Creating goals is like using a yardstick to determine how much or how little value you are getting from retired life.

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