Putting your faith, trust in God- It helps to be around others during the loss of a loved one

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Part of message given by G.M. Daniel Moran at Calumet Park Funeral Chapel of Hobart’s first annual Angel Tree Lighting Ceremony

Everyone in this room has suffered the loss of a loved one.  Sometimes it helps to be around others who are sharing pain and heartache.

Last year at this time, I was given what seemed like the worst news a person could get at any time of year; let alone the holidays. My doctor was certain that I had kidney cancer.

With the grace of God, I had surgery that removed my right kidney.   I am now, a year later, clear of cancer.  I am sharing this with you all because it is so important to put all your faith and trust in God.

When family and friends asked how I was doing before the surgery, I told them my own truth.  I talked to God and I asked for healing.  But I also asked that if this was His will, then I accept it.  I told God I would prefer no pain, but that was up to Him too.  I knew that, whatever the outcome, it was not my will but His.

I remember thinking of Christmas’s past, family, gifts, great food, sweets, and being with those I loved and who loved me back.  I thought of all the things that we think are so important, like fancy cars, nice houses, super big screen TV’s, I-phone this and I-pad that, and the list goes on and on.  But when facing death, none of those things have much meaning.  When given the chance to even consider such things, we are all poor if we do not have Jesus in our lives, and rich if we do.

The Little Drummer Boy came on my radio a couple of days before I was to go for surgery.  The humble boy, with only his drum in hand, came to visit the new baby born on what would forever after be known as Christmas.   Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh were but some of the gifts that were already presented to Joseph and Mary. What did the little drummer boy have to give?

And that was when it hit me.  He had his drum…and as I felt it in my soul…the drum beat, the repeated “pa rum pa pa rum”, I came to the realization that the drum in the song was a metaphor for his heart.  It came to me that he gave his heart to Jesus that day and Mary was pleased.

Merry Christmas.

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