How to Make a Newspaper Bunny Craft

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- blue cardstock paper(or background color of your choice)

- newspaper

- googly eyes*

pink button*

white string

- pink oil pastel(or crayon)

black marker

- glue

You can find them at your local Walmart on the craft aisle.

Newspaper Bunny Instructions:

1. Begin by gathering all of your supplies. From your newspaper cut out a circle bunny face, two pointy bunny ears and a half circle bunny body. Use your pink oil pastel to color the insides of your bunny ears.

2. Glue your bunny body at the very bottom of your blue cardstock. Then glue on your bunny face and ears. Your ears might hang over the page but it doesn’t matter. We folded one of the ears down to give it more dimension.

3. Glue your googly eyes and pink button nose onto your bunny. Next cut out about six whiskers from your white string and glue them onto your bunny face on the sides of your nose.

4. Finish your cute newspaper bunny craft by drawing a line down the nose and a mouth with your black marker. Isn’t he cute?!

It makes a darling Easter craft for kids.

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