How to Surprise Mom on Mother’s Day- Put some extra thought and effort into making your mom’s day a memorable one

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Remember as a kid when it was so easy to surprise Mom on Mother’s Day? We would dream up all sorts of artist masterpieces that we just knew Mom would love and got busy painting, gluing and coloring our way into her heart. However, as we (and our mothers) grow and age, it can become more difficult to truly surprise her on Mother’s Day. Sure television and retailers would have us believe that flowers and cards are the only way to go on this special occasion, yet this is too easy and predictable and doesn’t pack a whole lot of punchie-surprise.

If you’re tired of the same-ole, run-of-the-mill gifts for Mother’s Day, read on to discover some simple, yet effective surprises you’re mom won’t see coming. Flowers are Nice but Surprises are Better

Listen and Learn – Complaints Speak Volumes

Whether you are buying a gift for your own mother, grandmother or the mother of your child, take some time before the big day to really find out what she wants and desires. Guys, this does require paying attention to her when she is talking, especially when she is complaining. That’s right. Women won’t necessarily articulate what’s bugging them “in so many words” but they will grumble and complain. It could be in muttered frustration, or quite loudly, but whichever way it comes out, take it to heart and try to give her the solution to it on Mother’s Day. It could be as simple as a few hours to herself, a day at the spa, or even just a meal she doesn’t have to prepare.

Mending Fences

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to take the opportunity to mend fences. If you have had a falling out with your mom, it’s time to let by-gones be by-gones and repair the relationship – what better surprise could there be then going to someone with forgiveness in your heart and love in your voice? Mother’s never want to be at odds with their children, so do what it takes to resolve the tension. No one knows how long they have left on this Earth, so mend those broken feelings and relationships before it’s too late.

Reconnecting Is The Best Surprise, Ever

Along this same line of thinking is to be the mediator in fixing other relationship problems. For example if your mom has a relative in a far off place, give her a long distance calling card, set up a Skype chat or even give her a plane or bus ticket to get her there for a visit. This type of gift will create memories that will far outlast a bouquet of flowers or candy.

Make Her Day All About Her

Most moms are extremely busy, so if you really want to surprise her this Mother’s Day, give her a day that is all about her. Start off by serving Mom her favorite breakfast in bed, while she’s
enjoying the luxurious morning, clean up the mess you made in the kitchen, then get ready for the rest of the surprise. What could this be? Who knows! It’s totally up to mom. Ask her how she would like to spend the rest of the day, then do your best to provide her with that wish.

Spend Quality Time

We all get caught up in our own lives, so if you haven’t spent any quality time with your mother, make a point of doing so this Mother’s Day. Show up in the morning with Mom’s favorite treats or an invite to breakfast or brunch, then sit down and enjoy each other’s company. Laugh, giggle, reminisce and build new memories. A mom doesn’t care how or where she sees her child, she just wants to know she is still loved, honored and thought about – that’s what matters!

Play Tourist In Your Own Town

Another nice way to spend quality time with Mom is to play tourist in your own town or city. After we have lived in an area for a while, we tend to forget about all the cool stuff there is to do and see – even small areas usually offer lovely parks or cute cafes – so take mom out and see the sights for the “first time” all over again. If she enjoys biking or walking, take advantage of the Spring weather and enjoy the afternoon in the fresh air, chatting about life. It’s a great way to spend the day!

Happy Planning!


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Moms enjoy a special meal at a local restaurant

Taking Mom out for a breakfast, lunch or dinner meal is the perfect way.

27%say a restaurant is the perfect way to social with family and friends.

51%sat they do most of the cooking at home, and dining out gives them a break.

16%say sharing a meal at a restaurant gives them lasting memories that some gifts can’t.

6%say they are foodies and enjoy visiting restaurants for any occasion.

Source: National Restaurant Association.


Spa Day

Whether it’s a pedicure, massage or facial, your mom will appreciate the opportunity for total relaxation. Many spas offer gift certificates for particular services, so check out the options and find something just right for your mom. Mother’s Day can be a busy day for spas, so make it easy on her. Look for something close by and book her for a specific time so she doesn’t have to wait.  For a successful Mother’s Day, considering thanking Mom for a job well done by giving her a break.

Healthy Ideas

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Mom-isms—courtesy of all moms in the world


Mom-isms are things your mom always said while you were growing up. These motherly sayings go a long way in building us into stronger, better people.

You were most likely irritated many times when your moms were so harsh in their statements. Now that you are older and perhaps, more mature, how many times a day do you find yourself using one of these expressions?

Here is list of most common and popular mom-isms. This motherly advice crosses borders of time, space, language and culture. For kids are kids everywhere and Moms are always Moms… caring, concern, all knowing and full of love.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our readers.

Take a moment to sit back, relax and giggle a little at these mom-isms.


• Money does not grow on trees.

• Don’t make that face or it’ll freeze in that position.

• If I talked to my mother like you talk to me….

• Always change your underwear; you never know when you’ll have an accident.

• Be careful or you’ll put your eye out.

• What if everyone jumped off a cliff? Would you do it, too?

• You have enough dirt behind those ears to grow potatoes!

• Close that door! Were you born in a barn?

• If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

• Don’t put that in your mouth; you don’t know where it’s been!

• Be careful what you wish for, it might come true.

• Don’t eat those–they will stunt your growth.

• If you don’t eat those, you will stunt your growth.

• I hope that when you grow up, you have kids just like you

• Because I’m your mother, that’s why.

• This is why we can’t have nice things.

• If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times…

• Eat your vegetables; there are children in China starving.

• If you fall out of that tree and break your leg, don’t come running to me.

• Someday your face is going to stick like that.

• Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

• Yes, I AM the boss of you.

• Because I said so.

• Just wait till your father gets home.

• No dessert until you clean your plate.

• I brought you into this world and I can take you out!!

• I’ve got eyes in the back of my head, that’s how

• I slave for hours over a hot stove and this is the thanks I get?!

• Honestly…you’d lose your head if it wasn’t screwed on!

• Bored! How can you be bored? I was never bored at your age.

• Who’ll end up walking, bathing and feeding it?

• All I do is follow you around, picking up after you like some maid.

• As long as you live under my roof, you’ll do as I say.

• Answer me when I ask you a question!

• Call me when you get there, just so I know you’re OK.

• Do you think I’m made of money?

• Don’t you EVER let me catch you doing that again!

• Don’t put that in your mouth, you don’t know where it’s been.

• Look at this room! It looks like a pigsty!

• Who died and left you boss?

And the list goes on… 


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