Calumet Park announces the completion of its gravefinder program

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A number of years ago, my brother-in-law and sister visited from New York.  They had a new car that could give directions, turn by turn, from their home to ours.  I was absolutely amazed.  We went for a ride around Portage and I was blown away by the voice that told me where to go…every turn, wherever I asked to go.

Of course, just about everyone has MapQuest on their smart phone, or Google Maps or some sort of satellite tracking on their devises today.  The question that came to mind was “Could a smart phone have instructions within a cemetery that could lead a person right to a particular grave?”

The answer, thanks to Dee Harrison, loT Solutions Architect for Calumet Park Cemetery, was a resounding YES.  Within a very short time, Dee mapped out the entire developed portion of the cemetery, with tens of thousands of graves, to a simplified program that can be brought up on anyone’s smart phone.

The instructions to use the gravefinder program are printed with this article.  Using Google Maps, Dee has designed a program that can take you from anyplace in the country, turn by turn, to the section of the cemetery that you are looking for. Once you get there, a simple click to Google’s walking setting and you will be guided to within 5-7 feet of the grave you wish to visit.

The guide is triggered by location, so it is a must to know the location you wish to visit.  There is not a search engine that would allow a search by name that includes enough privacy protections at this time for our satisfaction.   This means you would have to call or visit the cemetery to get a location.  One of our staff members would then show you how to use the new gravefinder program.

A special thanks goes out to the board of directors for their work in helping Dee with this wonderful tool that will help so many visitors to the park on a daily basis.  If you have any questions, feel free to call 219-769-8803.

GraveFinder Instructions

 How to use GraveFinder at Calumet Park. Must have section and lot number. Go to office for assistance if you only have a name. 

Go to mycalumetpark.com

Get started easily by selecting which section of the cemetery your loved one is in. Clickon section box, and then scroll to find the section below. Then click DONE.

Next, select the block. Blocks subdivide larger sections for easier grave location. Clickon block box, the scroll to find that block. Click DONE.

Blocks only apply to sections 17, 20B and 32A.

Finally, plug in your desired lot by Clicking on lot box, the click DONE.

Click on “Go To Maps”Click START

When you’re close to your destination, the Google’s locations dot will appear within a larger location radius.

The GraveFinder is successful when you locate your lot within the radius since it was designed to get you within 5-7 feet of the target.

For the best results, make sure Google Maps is installed and switch to the walking setting.


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