A Day Worth Saving National Thrift Shop Day coming up Aug. 17

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Are you ready for a fun day of some great bargain shopping?  Then Saturday is the day because each year on Aug. 17, National Thrift Shop Day is observed across the United States.

A thrift shop (also known as a thrift store, charity shop, hospice shop or resale shop) is a retail establishment typically run by a charitable organization to raise money to be used in accord with the organization’s stated charitable purpose.

Thrift shops are a type of social enterprise that typically sell used goods that are donated by members of the public and are often staffed by volunteers.  Donation of the items being sold allows for a lower cost to the buyers.

Saving money is on the minds of everyone these days and shopping at thrift stores is becoming more and more popular.  Clothing, furniture and household goods are great finds among the other hidden treasures within the walls of thrift shops across the country.  To some, shopping at a thrift store isn’t even about the price (that’s just a bonus!) but instead, it’s about the adventure of finding vintage and antique items.

From Valparaiso to St. John, Northwest Indiana is loaded with thrift shops. Some, such as Goodwill or Salvation Army, are known by their national reputations. More often, though, many thrift stores are privately run, usually by churches or other nonprofit groups.

Even if you’re not a member of that church or you don’t generally support that charity, there are plenty of reasons to shop at thrift stores. Here are just a few reasons:

Love those savings. Becausemany thrift stores are run by volunteers, there are no salaries or benefits to pay, which means savings to shoppers. Depending on the condition of the item and the store’s pricing system, savings can be substantial.

Don’t forget those specials.Some thrift stores offer specials, such as $3 bag day (fill a bag with closing for just $3). Other stores offer senior discount days, while others discount items based on the color of the price tag. Some saving can be as much as 75 percent.

How about seasonal items?Need something for Christmas, Halloween, graduation, or Valentine’s Day? Thrift stores often have tons of holiday items, from Christmas displays to ceramic thanksgiving turkeys.

You’re helping a charity.Some local thrift stores support specific charities. For example, Bethesda Nifty Resale in Valparaiso supports programs for the other-abled. Second Life Resale Shop in Crown Point raises funds for Christian schooling. Some resale shops are part of a church’s overall ministry to the public.

They’re a great way to clean out your closets.Resale shops rely on donations from the public. Most stores post a listing of things they accept, as well as things they will not take. Donations are always welcome, but before you fill up your SUV with attic clutter, ask yourself one question: If you were running a thrift store, would you display these items?

You can find hidden treasures.Not everything at thrift stores is of Rembrandt or Picasso quality, but if you’re a patient shopper, you can spot brand-new or like-new items that someone could no longer use.

They’re generally nice places to shop.Many thrift shops are manned by local people who may be volunteers. They are under no pressure to sell, and since they know where nearly everything is in stock, they can help you that knick-knack or coffee pot you need.

You’re recycling.Yes, when you donate something (which is also a tax write-off), you’re offering new life to items you might otherwise discard or just keep in the back of your closet. As the saying goes, one’s man’s trash is another man’s treasure.


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