S.O.S. – Speaking of Seniors Corny gift repays fix of problem with medical bills

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On Aug. 7, 2019, a woman brought a gift to me at our office in Merrillville.  She brought three big bags of fresh corn that had been picked that day from her farm in LaCrosse.

She never had met me before that delivery.  But I had helped her husband fix a medical and prescription bill problem which saved him lots of money and headache.  The corn was a gift for what I had done.  I shared the three bags of corn with others in our insurance agency who wanted some.

I don’t take all the credit for helping our senior citizen clients fight mistakes and fraud in the Medicare system.  I work for this insurance agency.  I get paid because the owners and managers and staff of this agency care about our senior citizen clients.  If there was no concern for our clients, there would be no job for me.

In this case, the dates of ending the employer’s group coverage and the start of the retirement coverage under Medicare were mixed up. The paperwork that the man was leaving his job and group insurance coverage for retirement and Medicare was not processed in a timely manner.  The man’s medical and prescription drug bills since retirement were not getting paid properly because of this.

I helped him to correct the problem.  It saved him a lot of money and hassle.  That is how I got the bonus of fresh corn.  It is nice to be appreciated.

If your insurance agency does not give the same high standard of customer service as our firm does, shouldn’t every senior citizen that you know switch to our agency?


Saved Gary woman over $1000


On August 21, 2019, I fought a mistake in the Medicare system to save a Gary woman over $1,000.

The client sent to our office a statement from an insurance company that it would not pay a claim for medical services to our client from a firm in Munster, Indiana.  The insurance company refused to pay anything on the bill for $1097.02.  Fortunately for our client, the wrong insurance company got the bill.

The refusal to pay came from an insurance company that our client had not used for two and a half years.  MEDICARE SENT THE CLAIM TO THE OLD INSURANCE COMPANY THAT OUR CLIENT STOPPED USING TWO AND A HALF YEARS AGO.

I phoned the client’s current insurance company.  It reported that Medicare never sent the claim to that company.  If I had not helped our client to fix this mess that Medicare made, she would have been hounded to pay this bill that she really did not owe.

Medicare makes mistakes like this all the time.  Our insurance agency gives a very high level of customer service to protect our clients from mistakes and fraud in the Medicare system.  If your insurance agent or agency does not give such a high standard of customer service, why not switch to an agency that does?

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