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  • spray bottles
  • food dye
  • water

To create your DIY Snow Paint, remove the tops of the spray bottles and fill them with water.  Then, add enough dye to get the color you are after.  I used a pretty good amount of dye to make the color vibrant and bright!  Screw the lid back on the bottle and give it a good shake.

Round up your artists, and make sure that they are wearing their nice warm snow clothes!  Believe me, they are going to spend hours outside creating, coloring, and painting every inch of snow in your yard.

To use your DIY Snow Paint, simply hold the nozzle of the bottle a few inches from the snow and spray.  You can adjust the nozzle to create a finer mist, or a more concentrated spray.  You can mix colors, draw pictures, or even write out a friendly Christmas message to the neighbors.

I wanted my DIY Snow Paint very vibrant and colorful, so I decided to use gel food dye instead of the drops.  Using the gel gives your paint a strong color that can’t be missed.  The drops would also work, but for the brightest paint possible, I recommend the gel.  Gel food dye can be purchased at any grocery store.

DIY Snow Paint is not only a fun activity, but an easy way to keep your kids busy during the winter holidays!  And since the supplies are so easy to find, it’s a great activity to have on hand and pull out anytime

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