Effervescent Erna Yarck

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Erna Clara Yarck

Erna Clara Yarck was born on April 4, 1920 in Hammond, Indiana. She is named after her aunt. At ninety-seven years young, Erna owns the title of “Most Vintage Resident” at Valparaiso Care & Rehabilitation Center! She grew up in Crown Point, Indiana, with her 9 siblings, and relocated to Valparaiso in 1991.

Having 7 sisters and 2 brothers, Erna has been blessed with many nieces and nephews with whom she’s very close. She remembers her niece, Donna Mae always being with them. She is still in close contact with Donna Mae’s brother, Eddie, as well as her niece, Martha. As an adult she was also fortunate to care for pets; a dog named Buster, and a cat named Smokey.

When talking about the jobs Erna has had, she beamed as she mentioned how she always had children around her. She worked with children in daycare, and she also worked in housekeeping. Unfortunately, Erna said she was often sick as a child, so she couldn’t go to school a lot. That setback never stopped Erna from excelling, or caused her faith to wane. Erna’s faith is very important to her. She likes to read the bible, and she attends church every Saturday.

Erna is great at many things, but two of her favorites are sewing and coloring. Those who know her and have seen her handiwork can attest to what a whiz she is with a needle and thread! She used to sew with her friend, Fern, and the two enjoyed quilting; however she mainly sewed for herself. She has impeccable coloring skills, too, and is always excited to share her art work.

When asked to describe the best day of her life, Erna mentioned Christmas “in the good old days.” She remembers when she was about eleven, and she got lots of special presents. Spending time with Erna is sure to put a smile on one’s face. She describes herself as easy-going and happy, and she truly is both. She can often be found wearing a tiara, which suits her beautifully. We are so blessed to have her here at VCRC to share her smiles, her happiness, and her warmth.



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