Protecting yourself while gardening

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Spring is a great time to get started on your garden. But gardening takes a toll on your body, particularly your hands, wrists, knees and back.

Do your body good by following these tips from the American Society for Surgery of the Hand:

Wear gloves. They’ll protect your hands from blisters and your skin from fertilizers, pesticides and other substances that may be in the soil.

Rotate your tasks. Repetitive motions that often come along with gardening, such as digging, raking and planting bulbs, can cause skin, tendon or nerve irritation. Vary your gardening tasks every 15 minutes to avoid injury. Don’t forget to take a break between tasks.

Use proper tools. Sharp objects or debris may be hiding in your soil. Clear away debris as well as you can before beginning, and make sure to use a hand shovel or rake – not your hands.

Check your posture. Your wrist should be in a neutral position when planting.


Source: Family Safety & Health Magazine


What to plant

If ever there was a month to spend more time planting in the garden, it’s April. For most regions, April is the month during which the threat of frost has passed, and soil temperatures are consistently warm enough to plant a wide array of plants, from fruit and vegetable seeds to bare-root perennials, summer-blooming annuals, flowering shrubs, and flowering vines.

Whether your garden goals for the year include a vegetable garden, a perennial herb garden, or general landscaping ideas around your porchpatiopergola, or pool, April is the time to start planting. Treat yourself to a new pair of garden gloves and garden shoes and get outside!


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