Mother’s Day Craft Ideas

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A Trendy, Edible Gift for Mother’s Day 

Every Mother’s Day is an opportunity to show your mom just how special she is and how grateful you are for all she does. Make her day with a present that wraps the personal touch of a handmade craft and the novelty of a quirky trend into one unforgettable gift. 

This year, upgrade your usual flower fare with an arrangement that’s beautiful and delicious: a California cheese bouquet. Customizable with ingredients tailored to fit your loved one’s tastes, these thoughtful gifts combine cheeses, berries, herbs and more wrapped together for a perfect Mother’s Day celebration centerpiece and gift with an artsy (and thoughtful) touch. 

Created by cheesemonger Jessica Lawrenz, these easy-to-follow crafts for a Classic Cheese Bouquet or a California Bounty Cheese Bouquet call for wholesome cheese made with 100% sustainably sourced Real California Milk from dairy farm families. For best results, use medium-bodied cheeses that can be easily skewered without softening up at room temperature. 

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Classic Cheese, Fruit and Herb Bouquet


Real California White Cheddar Cheese 

Real California Brie Cheese 

Salumi or Salami (thinly sliced)



Mini apples

Mini artichokes


Bay leaves

Wax flowers



Floral foam block

Plastic wrap

Vase or bouquet paper

Flower cookie cutters (various sizes)

U-shaped toothpicks

Wooden skewers 


Floral tape 

Ribbon or twine 

Using knife, cut floral block into shape that fits inside vase. If using bouquet paper, use base at least 3 inches across and 4 inches high. 

Wrap floral block in plastic wrap to keep from touching items in bouquet; place inside vase. If using bouquet paper, place wrapped floral block in mug to keep from falling over. 

Use various cookie cutters to prepare cheeses as flowers. 

To create salumi roses, lay out 4-5 slices salumi overlapping one another. Fold row in half and roll into rose bud, securing with u-shaped toothpick. Place on skewer, add herb leaves and use floral tape to secure ends of toothpick to skewer. Repeat.  

Skewer cheeses, salumi roses, goldenberries, lemonquats, mini apples and mini artichokes.

To assemble, start in center with larger items. Use shorter skewers or toothpicks to secure smaller items closer to edges. 

Use rosemary, bay leaves and wax flowers to fill gaps in back of bouquet. 

To wrap: Once finished, gently lay block with skewers on top of paper, wrap and secure with tape and ribbon.

Craft courtesy of Jessica Lawrenz (@mongermoldandmilk)

Source: Family Features, Real California Milk

Craft Stick Mother’s Day Sign Materials

Jumbo Colorful Craft Sticks




Step  1.

Gather your materials.

Step  2.

Write the reasons you love Mom.

Step  3.

Connect all craft sticks together by gluing cording or friendship thread to the back.

Step  4.

Glue cording to the opposite side to secure, leaving a hanging handle at the top.

Step  5.

Give to Mom to decorate & display!

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