Retirement: Life’s Greatest Adventure

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Setting Goals Can Be Satisfying

by Bill Leavitt, author of Retirement: Life’s Greatest Adventure

Many people feel that setting goals is a path to disappointment.  They’re wrong.  A goal is simply a result or accomplishment that you work toward achieving.  The satisfaction is in the effort made toward achieving that goal.  Goals can be big or small, and the road to achievement can be fast or gradual.  Someone once said, “A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.”  In other words, even slow progress is better that doing nothing.

Don’t set a goal of losing a pound a week, for example.  Instead, make the goal to lose weight or at least stay the same each week.  The effort you make, even if you fail, is something to take pride in.  Set small goals that take you in a direction you want to go. Many famous athletes and other people famous in their fields have set goals and ended up achieving much more than they ever imagined they could achieve. 

Many of the people who have worked for me in the past as employees or as volunteers have told me that they achieved more than they thought possible, partly because I expected more from them than they did. Only by working toward a goal will you learn if you are capable of more than you expect of yourself. 

An example in my life is ski racing. I have always loved ski racing, but was not very good at it.  After I retired, I set a goal of becoming fit enough, smart enough and skilled enough to win a gold medal in a local competition.  After two years of effort, I achieved my goal. Then I set my goal a little higher, and after 16 years I won a national championship.

Setting goals makes you focus on ways you want to improve yourself. The act of working toward a goal should be a source of pride by itself.  Achieving a goal is great, but that should not be the end of your quest.  

Setting goals and working toward achieving them is a constant source of satisfaction. Try it! 

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