Retirement: Life’s greatest adventure

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Fitness May Not Be All It Is Cracked Up to Be 

by Bill Leavitt, author of Retirement: Life’s Greatest Adventure

We’ve all heard that in order to have a long and healthy retirement, we should get plenty of exercise, be as active as possible and maintain a healthy weight.  Activity and fitness are thus keystones to a healthy retirement.  

However, fitness and activity are not the perfect route to retirement success.  Unfortunately, vigorous exercise and extreme levels of activity have a downside.  At 80 years of age, I exercise frequently, snow ski, play water volleyball and golf, and do any number of other high activity things.  

As a result, I have a bad back, torn up shoulder, frequent sore muscles and repeated hernias.  I asked my doctors if I would be better off reducing my level of activity and giving up some of my sporting activities.  The consensus is to continue what I am doing.  Why?  Because it is better than the alternative. 

At advanced age, it is “Catch 22.”  If you lie around and avoid high levels of activity and sports, you are more likely have a stroke, heart problems, cancer, or other serious medical issues.  If you are extremely active, sooner or later you will hurt yourself in some way.  Even if you are careful, high levels of activity may result in physical problems.  

We have to recognize that living an active, fun-filled life has its downside, but it is better than not doing those things. 

Be as active as possible but be careful. 

Bill Leavitt is a retired technical writer from Valparaiso and the author of a guide book to successful and active retirement entitled Retirement: Life’s Greatest Adventure.  The book can be purchased for $13.00 (plus Indiana sales tax) at the Visitor’s Center in Hammond (just off the Borman Expressway).  For more information on how to purchase, visit 

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