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Dorothy Ripperdan is the publicity coordinator as well as a volunteer at the Independent Cat Society Inc., located on Route 6 at the Porter/LaPorte County Line Road in Westville. For more information about any of the cats featured in her stories, call the shelter at 219-785-4936.


    Independent Cat Society celebrates 35 years

    This year, the Independent Cat Society (ICS) is celebrating its 35th year of operation as a not-for-profit, no-kill cat shelter.  ICS was started in 1977 by several cat lovers in Beverly Shores who wanted to…

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    Pets have feelings too

    You have decided that you want or have to give up your pet. This is not always an easy decision.  But have you given any thought as to what your pet goes through when the…


    The Independent Cat Society will be hosting October events

    The Independent Cat Society is a no-kill cat shelter in Westville. We’re located The at  Route 6 and County Line Road.  Since we were founded in 1977, our goal has been to find homes for…


    Pirate Month at the Independent Cat Society

    by Dorothy Ripperdan September is Pirate Month. The cats and volunteers of the Independent Cat Society want to invite you to come out to our shelter in Westville and meet our great “Little Pirates.” This…

  • Help feline friends find a good home

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    Help feline friends find a good home

    Doc and Larry were recently returned to the Independent Cat Society due to serious health issues of one of their caregivers. They had been in a loving home with their family for almost two years…

  • Adopt a cat for Christmas

    Adopt a cat for Christmas

    By Dorothy Ripperdan If you are considering adopting a cat or kitten this holiday season or anytime in the future, please consider choosing two. You will find that you have not only chosen to receive…

  • Special Needs, or just 'Special'

    Special Needs, or just 'Special'

    By Dorothy RipperdanSpecial needs cats are just that – cats that need just a little special attention or care. The Independent Cat Society, located on the northeast corner of U.S. Highway 6 and County Line…