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Have you ever thought about sharing one of your secrets with someone? How about really taking a look at your community and finding out where the little, hidden pockets and out of the way places are? This July the Valparaiso Christian Women’s Club is holding a luncheon with the theme of “A Well Kept Secret,” and those who show up just might get the chance to be let in on something hidden by Vera Velk, chairman of the board of Stonecroft Ministries, and by representatives of the Taltree Arboretum and Gardens.
“We host a monthly community luncheon for Valparaiso,” Janet Will, who helps coordinate guest speakers and special events for the Valparaiso CWC, said. “Each month there’s a new theme, a short inspirational speech from a guest speaker. In July we’re trying to get people to think about the interesting secrets about themselves, as well as to show them an interesting secret by having representatives from Taltree come and tell the attendees about everything the Arboretum has to offer.”
Will has been involved with the Christian Women’s Club for nearly 40 years now, and these luncheons have been a regular group event for that entire time. Will says that these luncheons are a way for the group to both reach out to the local communities, and to help bring those communities closer together through sharing local resources. In the past these luncheons have had features such as makeup and skin care, and the luncheons have also had area guest speakers.
“These luncheons are open to anyone that wants to attend, regardless of faith, denomination or gender,” Will said. “We want to bring the community together as a whole through an event that isn’t skewed towards any one group.”
The Valparaiso Christian Women’s Club is one of several Christian Women’s Clubs in Northwest Indiana. The Valparaiso branch is also one of the best attended. The luncheon events boast a regular number of attendees between 70 and 80 strong. The group also draws in attendees from a variety of age groups, including women in their twenties and others who are in their eighties.
“Every event we get a few more people who come,” Will said. “There are usually three to four new people. Some will come back once or twice, others we never see again. And some of those new people become regulars and they start showing up to other events that we host as well.”
In order to try and improve the luncheons that the Christian Women’s Club puts on the group leaves comment cards near the door. All serious comments for improvements are taken into consideration by the group, and many times the comments that people leave will help influence future luncheon events.
“We advertise our events all over Valparaiso,” Will said. “Over the past several months we’ve been noticing that word of mouth is really picking up. Hopefully our numbers will stay up and we can afford to keep putting on good events that the community will really enjoy.
These events actually take a lot of people to plan and execute. The planning board of the CWC consists of 15 separate women, all with their own roles and duties. Will is the chair of the planning commission, and she oversees the others. The other members are; Jane Larcom in reservations and her assistant Martha Wood. Dorothy Meyers is the group’s administrative coordinator, and her assistant is Nancy Busch. Trudy Cobb is the financial coordinator, and her assistant is Vivian Sheriff. Mary Collins is the decoration coordinator, and her assistant is Jade Downing. Other positions include; Christlyn Johnson as the prayer coordinator, the SLP coordinator Beverly Hudgins, the hospitality coordinator June Hardy, Carel Bowgren as the bible study coordinator, Emilie Massette as the publicity coordinator, and the nursery coordinator Julie Oles.
For more information about the Christian Women’s Club community luncheons, call Jane at (219) 462-5351, or call Martha at (219) 464-4169 or email to The July event takes place at the Old Town Banquet Center located at 711 Calumet Avenue in Valparaiso. The doors open at 11 a.m. and the serving takes place at 11:30 a.m. Attendees for the July 8 event are asked to RSVP by July 4.

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