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Q: Do men have to worry about their bone health after age 50, or is it only women?

A: “Absolutely! Men are also at risk for osteoporosis,” says Natalie Eddy, Nurse Practitioner with Westchester Medical Group. The number of men with osteoporosis or low bone mass is expected to rise to 17 million in 2010. “Men generally have larger, thicker bones than women so the effects of osteoporosis may be delayed for men. But while twice as many women will have hip fractures in their lifetimes, twice as many men will die within six months of their hip fracture,” said Eddy.

Both men and women are at higher risk for osteoporosis as they age, if they’re of low body weight, have a history of fractures, use certain medications (especially steroids), are Caucasian or Asian, have health conditions (such as pulmonary, kidney, or spine disease), or have certain lifestyle habits (smoking, excessive drinking, inactivity).

Improve your bone health by being active, getting plenty of calcium and vitamin D (at least 1,000 mg daily), and monitoring your bone density, said Eddy. You can monitor your bone density through Porter’s free heel density screenings. Visit and click on “wellness screenings” to learn more. You can also monitor your risk with the World Health Organization’s FRAX tool, an online test available at (click on “Calculation Tool”). Discuss your score with your doctor to see if a bone scan or medication is appropriate.

Bone Density Programs

Bone Health
Thursday, July 15 • 12:15 – 1:30 pm
Banta’s Village Park Enrichment Center
605 Beech St., Valparaiso 

Bone Health
Monday, August 16 • 10 – 11:30 am
Bonner Senior Center
5800 Lexington Ave., Portage 

Attend one of these upcoming bone health programs to discover ways to prevent and monitor osteoporosis. A free heel bone density screening is included.

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