Saving Cost Right Behind Your Walls

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Many people nowadays are always looking for new ways to save a buck – or two, or twenty, or hundreds – often scrambling to find ways to cut back on expenses, use less electricity, or use less gas.

Well the answer to saving money may be right under your nose – or perhaps behind your walls.

According to, investing in products to make homes more energy efficient pays significant dividends over a lifetime, with none of the wild fluctuations of Wall Street.

Meaning it saves you money.

Properly insulated homes will have better moisture control, which can reduce floor squeaks, drywall cracks, structure damage and condensation. A good insulation job can also make your home more attractive to potential buyers who realize they can buy a more expensive home if heating and cooling bills can be kept down.

If you do not think that the difference on your monthly energy bills is enough of a reason to have your home properly insulated, there are other numbers that might do the trick.

The North American Insulation Manufacturing Association stated that a study conducted by Harvard University found that properly insulated new homes would save 300 billion BTU’s each year. This is equal to 28 supertankers of crude oil – keep in mind that the average supertanker carries about 84 million gallons of crude oil and petroleum product.

Overall, proper insulation can turn your house into a more environmentally friendly home and save you money with lower energy bills at the same time. There is one company that knows all of this and takes helping their customers as well as the environment to heart.

USA Insulation of Indiana provides attic, wall and whole house insulation with a unique foam insulation product that can be injected into brick, shingle, wood, stucco and cement block, as well as vinyl or aluminum siding.

“We are a ‘get-it-done’ company that continually strives to exceed the expectations of our customers,” local USA Insulation owner Jim Waters said. “Many homes can be insulated in one day and our customers appreciate that – and our customer first approach to doing business.”

Many Indiana homes were built before the mid-1970s, when there were no requirements for insulation. Homeowners that insulate their home with USA Premium Foam Insulation save from 30 to 50 percent on monthly utility bills on average.

USA Premium Foam is a quiet, healthy, clean and eco-friendly alternative to other home insulation products. USA Insulation installers are professionally trained and certified. In most homes, insulation can be completed in a single day and the professional installation team will leave your home the way they found it.

USA Premium Foam also has more than a 35 percent better R-value, the “R” standing for resistance to the movement of temperature through your walls and ceilings, than fiberglass, cellulose, or Rockwool insulation. USA Premium Foam Insulation’s R-value is higher because it fills more of your wall cavity and has a higher density when it does.

“We do not ‘sell’ our customers on our products. Our customers decide to buy from us after we give them a free energy savings review that educates them on the benefits of insulation,” Waters said.

For more information about the value and benefits of having your home insulated today, call 866-USA-INFO, or visit

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