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Looking for something fun to do this Halloween? Chaos Tours offer trips to real haunted area locations this Halloween

Chaos Haunted & Historical Tours offer relief from the every day routine of Halloween as they visit numerous real haunted locations. The tours feature stops at some well-known and some not-so-well known sites of ghostly activity. Tour guests are taken on a four hour bus tours that visit haunted locations and hear the history that makes these locations shine in the darkness. Tours run primarily through the Halloween season but do continue through November.
Toursfeature such stops in Porter County as The Old Jail Museum, Diana of the Dunes, haunted cemeteries that hold deep secrets and many more. Some stops in Lake County are Crown Point’s Old Jail, Cline Avenue Ghost Stories, Reeder Road and many more intriguing locations.

“These haunted locations that we visit are known to have regular paranormal episodes ranging from people getting great evidence through photographs, equipment readings, recordings of ghost voices to people being touched by something and even guests seeing apparitions of ghosts,” Mike McDowell, owner of Chaos Haunted & Historical Tours, said.
The tours feature great ghost stories from these locally haunted locations as well as notorious stories and experiences from across the country. The tours examine a fair amount of area history and local folklore. Ghost hunting techniques are demonstrated along with examples of Electronic Voice Phenomena. EVP is explained as ghost voices caught on recordings.
The routes for thee tours have now expanded to include seven different types of tours. Included are: Lake County, Porter County, The Dark Shores tour, La Porte County, Haunted & Historical Walks of Valparaiso, the Haunted Pub Crawl and the Midnight Special Tour. More tours are planned for the future.
The Midnight Special Tour allows those who are more interested in finding ghosts the opportunity to experience something supernatural. They visit a limited number of locations in the “dead” of night, between Midnight and 4 AM, spending a longer amount of time at just 2 or 3 locations. Real ghost hunting equipment is provided for use.
“It’s much closer to a real investigation than what we do on the bus and walking tours,” McDowell said. “The guests really have a good chance to experience something at these locations or to find evidence for themselves while we spend time devoted to finding that evidence.”
McDowell, a 13-year veteran of ghost hunting and CEO/President of one of the largest ghost hunting organizations in the country, will lend his experience in helping guests unlock the mysteries of these truly unique and haunted locations.
McDowell has been featured in many video and TV productions over the years including appearances in the videos “Dead Whisper,” “Mystic Indiana” and “Ghost Stories 2 and 3.” TV appearances include “Sci-fi Proof Positive,” “Dead Famous” and “Conversations with a serial killer.”
Mike has been a major educator to those desiring to learn the ghost hunting trade. He has taught free classes and seminars since 2001 to members of the Indiana Ghost Trackers. These classes have ranged from basic and advanced ghost hunting, EVP technology, team leadership on investigations and much more. Mike has taught adult courses on Ghost Hunting at Purdue University North Central since 2008.
For more information, about the Chaos Haunted & Historical Tours, visit HYPERLINK “”, or call 219-714-3761. Reservations can be made.
If you are interested in enjoyable, spooky and entertaining bus tours of Northwest Indiana, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and make your reservations. Of course that is if you are not too scared….. “The dead are calling…. Why don’t you?”


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