These feet were made for walking

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Some say that we walk 100,000 miles during our lifetime. If this is true, it is only natural that as a senior you’ve put some real wear and tear on your feet. As such, you may be noticing some problems like painful walking, discolored toenails or itching.

If you are having any type of issue with your feet, do not ignore it. Problems with the feet are often the first sign of more serious medical conditions.

“Health problems such as arthritis, diabetes, nerve issues, and circulatory problems often show up in the feet first,” Marc Bruell, DPM, said. “It is really important for seniors to check their feet regularly and see a podiatrist or their primary care physician if they’re experiencing anything unusual.”
Bruell went on to explain that as feet age, they lose cushioning on the bottom and it is not uncommon for the skin and nails to grow dry and brittle.
“Another problem seniors need to be aware of is that diabetes and poor circulation may slow the healing of sores on the feet. If this is the case, the problem needs to be dealt with right away,” Bruell emphasized.

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Signs of foot trouble:
– A sore on your foot that does not heal or becomes infected.
– Pain when you walk that stops when you rest.
– Unusual coldness, cramps, numbness, tingling, or discomfort in your feet.
– Decreasing sensitivity in your feet to hot and cold.
– The skin on your feet or legs changes color.
– A change in the shape/ structure of your foot.

Ways to prevent foot trouble:
– Check your feet regularly, or have a family member check them for any sores, blisters, discoloration, etc.
– Keep the blood circulating by putting your feet up when sitting or lying down.
– Stretch your feet if you have been sitting for a while or give them a gentle massage.
– Wear shoes that fit well and are comfortable. As you age, the size of your foot changes so have them measured before buying new shoes.
– Wash and moisturize the tops and soles of your feet daily. Use a moisturizer that is not water based.
– Regularly trim your nails straight across and never shorter than the end of your toe.
– Do not smoke, because it decreases blood supply and increases the chance of swelling and other circulatory problems.

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