Memorializing the Life of a Pet

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By Carl Kurek

Pets often develop into more than just an animal that families choose to share their home with, they become members of the family. In some cases they become a child’s brother or sister, and often times they take on the role of the spoiled children all together. That is why it is no surprise that some people treat them as a member of the family even after they pass away.

“You want to celebrate their lives, be thankful for the memories you had with them,” Sally Burns of Burns Funeral Home and Crematory said.
Burns Funeral Home and Crematory, located at 10101 Broadway in Crown Point, is also the site of Burns Pets Remembered Pet Crematory and Cemetery. Burns said in response to many requests from the public, they opened an extension of the funeral home with an additional crematory specific for animals and began offering services for pets.
They also realize that the word “pet” refers to more than just dogs and cats, especially in today’s society. That being said, Burns will cremate all pets, from those as small as mice, guinea pigs and ferrets, to snakes, birds, goats and sometimes even horses.
If a pet is euthanized, their owners can make arrangements through their vet to have their pet cremated individually and have the cremains returned to them as early as the same day. Since the ashes are environmentally friendly and sterile, owners can do with them as they wish.
Some scatter them in a place that was a favorite of the pet, others bury them and plant a rose or tree over them. They can also be scattered over the Burns Pet Cemetery.
Burns also offers the option of pet funerals and burials. A formal burial can be arranged basically the same way that one would arrange for the burial of a human member of the family. Funerals can be arranged immediately after the death of a pet, or they can be arranged far in advance just as people sometime do.
Families can arrange for a funeral service fully outfitted with a viewing, visitation and a burial ceremony to which they can invite friends or family to join them in the celebration of their beloved pets’ life.
Kovenz Memorial, located at 2404 Roosevelt Road in Valparaiso, also appreciates the special place pets hold in the hearts of their owners. Aside from bird baths and monuments, they specialize in granite and stone memorials, including pet memorials.
Kovenz Memorial has been in operation since 1934, but the Davey family purchased the business from the Kovenz family more than 35 years ago.
“We’ve got a history of doing community based projects” Neil Davey, sales associate at Valparaiso Kovenz Memorial, said. “We did the carving at the verteran’s memorial for Swan Lake Park in Michigan City. We have also done a lot of etching works fro the bricks at veteran’s memorials and parks in Northwest Indiana.”
Davey said they are now frequented by individuals who want an engraved pet marker or other memorial. He said many people often request the name of their pet as well as a symbol to be placed on pet markers or benches that they then place in their yard or garden.
The newest service offered at Kovenz Memorial is called Life Gem. Life Gem allows for the ashes of a loved one or beloved pet to be compressd into a diamond that can then be worn in jewelry.
“This way you can be sure to always keep a loved one or pet close at all times,” Davey said.
Davey and Burns agreed that services for pets such as the ones they offer, aid in the grief process when a pet has passed away.
“It provides what a lot of pet owners need,” Burns said. “We’re all going to meet again at that rainbow bridge.”

For more information on Burns Pets Remembered Pet Crematory and Cemetery and the services they offer, call 219-663-6750, or visit
For more information on Kovenz Memorial and the products and services they offer, call 219-531-2717, or visit

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