5 Ways to Succeed Athletic Recruitment

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For student athletes and their families, the decision to participate in the college athletic recruitment process can be very overwhelming, and many are unsure of the first steps to take or even how to get started. On Oct. 13, award winning sportscaster and NCSA Athletic Recruiting educational speaker Charlie Adams was at Wheeler High School to share the knowledge of what all student athletes must do to ensure they have a chance to pursue a collegiate athletic career with the popular NCSA Athletic Recruiting seminar, “College Recruiting Simplified.”

NCSA Athletic Recruiting is honored to have over 40 former current and former professional athletes, coaches and sportscasters who donate their time to travel across the country and teach the next generation of student athletes about the athletic recruitment process. NCSA Athletic Recruiting has established official partnerships with the NFL Players Association and other influential partners in both high school and college athletics, making it possible to provide free seminars delivered by an expanding roster of impressive speakers.
As an NCSA Athletic Recruiting speaker, Charlie Adams will be sharing with student athletes and their families “The Five Things You Need to Know” and “The Five Things You Must Do to Get Recruited.” NCSA Athletic Recruiting is sharing a sneak peak on the things to get started on today to ensure success in college athletic recruiting.
– Develop a game plan and get evaluated – Every student athlete needs an objective, third-party evaluation to determine “best fit” qualifications for various college programs. A knowledgeable third party helps set realistic expectations on programs, competition levels, academic fit and schools, helping you target 100 to 200 realistic opportunities.
– Post athletic and academic resumes online – Preparing a complete portfolio that allows coaches to access your up to date athletic and academic information is crucial. Coaches no longer file away paper resumes, but look to online resources that allows them to view the complete information of more prospective athletes in an efficient and timely manner.
– Create a compelling highlight and skills video – Every student athlete needs a highlight and skills video that best conveys their athletic abilities to college coaches. These videos are now typically streamed online and sent through e-mail. The best videos are digitally enhanced, sequenced properly and have spot shadowing, and most importantly, sent from a credible third party. College coaches will likely never receive, let alone view an unsolicited DVD.
– Contact at least 50-100 athletic programs – College coaches contact thousands of student athletes in order to have enough athletes to fill their program’s needs. Student athletes need to play the same game: contact at least 10-20 percent of the programs that offer your sport across all divisions which could mean more than 200 college coaches.
– Remember it is not a four year decision, it is a 40 year decision – Most Division I prospects will receive offers by the end of their junior year. Even if you are not a DI player, keep your options open. Have a step-by-step plan in order to navigate the process. It takes hard work, perseverance and a consolidated team effort between student-athlete, parents, coaches, guidance counselors and credible inside recruiting experts.

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