USA Insulation offers customers a way to save

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Eco friendly.
Low utility bills.
Year-round comfort.
These are all things that can be used to describe the benefits that accompany a properly insulated home, but such a home is not just a way to stay warm during the cold winter months – it is an investment.
Although home insulation is associated with keeping a house warm when the air is cold outside, Jim Waters, owner of the Merrillville branch of USA Insulation, said that insulation does the exact same thing in the summer, as it does in the winter.
“Energy is energy,” Waters said, explaining the lack of difference between losing heat through poorly insulated walls during the winter, and losing cool air through the same poorly insulated walls during the summer.
“People need to be educated about this, especially now with NIPSCO getting ready to raise costs and the tax credit going away.”
Waters said that while many people think putting plastic over their windows during the winter – something many people have on their current to-do lists – the plastic is not enough to minimize the loss of energy. In fact, some 79 percent of energy loss occurs through walls, attics, floors and seams and cracks.
“You can put all the plastic over your windows you want, all it’s doing is stopping the wind from coming in,” Waters explained. “You figure 20 percent of a wall is window, the other 80 percent of the same wall is just wall.”
A USA Insulated home can save the average home owner 30-50 percent on monthly utility bills. The bill payer’s wallet is not the only beneficiary of a properly insulated home, Mother Nature also reaps the benefits of an insulation upgrade.
Not to mention, the product itself contains no formaldehyde and is basically considered a type of plastic, making it an eco-friendly product. The FOAM insulation is the highest rated retro fit insulation on the market and is the best for the long term.
It is also a product that lasts a lifetime – or at least that of the home.
“As long as the house is up it never shrinks and it never goes away,” Waters said.
So how can properly insulating a home be looked at as an investment?
A whole house insulation project pays for itself and then some in the form of lower utility bills. It typically pays the home owner back in 2.5 to 3 years, and then continues to save money.
The insulation is installed through small holes drilled through exterior walls, which are then plugged back up, forming a complete thermal envelope. This process leaves no mess and can usually be completed in one day.
Having a home’s insulation taken care of by USA Insulation also adds value to the home, and also prevents mold and mildew from forming.
Time is running out to file for the $1,500 tax credit, which expires on Dec. 31, and a $250 energy efficiency instant rebate on whole house insulation for November. But, USA Insulation does offer free home inspection and estimate exactly what you need and how much you will save.
Waters said the best thing to do is call or visit USA Insulations Web site if there are any questions, then call and set up an appointment.
“People just don’t realize how much energy they are losing,” Waters said. “The facts speak louder than anything else.”
Waters Merrillville branch of USA Insulation is located at 1156 E. 86th Place, and serves a wide area including South Bend and Joliet. There are four other USA Insulation locations in Illinois. For more information, contact Waters at 219-750-9549, or visit

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