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I’ve been in fashion for 12 years and have owned for six. Fashion is not only my career it is part of who I am. I love to scour New York, Los Angeles and Chicago shows to bring the best to the Midwest fashionistas. I was asked to write this column once a month for The Chronicle to bring fashion into the lives and homes of the readers.††
The main ingredient to fashion and having style is confidence. Yes, I am going to write about fabrics, designers, handbags and shoes,†ahhÖshoes! The higher the heel the closer to God! But I digress.
We have all seen beautiful women, why are some more beautiful than others?†Remember the movie,†ìPretty Womanî when Edward tells Vivian,†ìStop fidgeting! You look beautiful when youíre not fidgeting.î†She did not have the confidence to wear something out of her normÖnot yet anyway.†
Give yourselves permission to change, grow and evolve your personal style. Change is constant, and it is unavoidable. As Coco Chanel said, ìFashion fades, only style remains the same.î
Because this industry, like us, always changes, you can take modern fashion and incorporate those pieces back into your closets to help create your personal style. Easier said than done, but together, with this article and your willingness, we can work together in building confidence so we can all stop fidgeting.

Abigail Joseph is the owner of la GRANDE trunk of Valparaiso, and has been in the fashion industry for over a decade. If there are any questions or comments about this article, e-mail Abigail at, or visit

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