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If baseball is America’s favorite past time, then eating chocolate has to come in at a very close second. There is no denying that most people love the taste of chocolate, and some even say a few bites of it boosts their mood and makes them feel happy.
One woman loves nothing but to make people happy and to see them smile, so she has chosen the perfect way to do it ñ with homemade chocolates made especially for you.
When she made chocolates as a hobby from home, Kim White said she made them because chocolates make other people happy.
“They’re fun to make and most people enjoy chocolate,” she said. “I have a passion for helping people and making them happy.”
White has been making chocolates as a hobby for more than 25 years. She first started making peanut clusters before branching out to creating other treats. Then she decided to start selling her unique products to the public.
ìI started with peanut clusters in my kitchen 14 months ago, and since then itís just exploded,î White said.
Kim’s Specialty Chocolates opened its doors Feb. 10 of last year. With the motto “Customized Chocolates for Every Occasion,” White and the other employees work hard to produce chocolates that are made to order and made to suit the individual taste. And their hard work has gotten the attention of many taste buds.
ìItís really taken off,î White said. ìI just did a wedding, two bridal showers and this morning I got two calls about two fashion shows coming to the area that want me to have chocolates there.î
The store offers an array of gift boxes and special Valentineís Day-inspired packages. They also create and sell baskets filled with goodies.
Baskets are made for different holidays and occasions, including Valentine’s Day as well. These basket sales have led to its most current breast cancer basket. Fifteen percent of the sale of each breast cancer basket is donated to a not-for-profit breast cancer awareness organization.
The specialty shop also makes various other clusters, such as raisin, craisin, pecan and almond clusters. Also offered are sugar-free candies, turtles and peanut butter cups. A wide array of chocolate creations awaits each visiting customer.
Kim’s Specialty Chocolates provides more than chocolate sweetness; it provides many services as well. The business makes favors for weddings, baby showers, bridal showers and retirement parties, aiming to cater to every occasion.
The store offers chocolate tables for weddings, where the clients are provided with a table filled with several choices of specialty chocolates of their choosing. Kim’s also made containers with Trojan symbols on them for the senior wrestlers’ banquet at Chesterton High School. It has also made baskets for a Duneland Exchange Club fundraiser, and more.
White has had a lot of practice being faced with tough challenges in life and having to overcome them. She is a breast cancer survivor and has remained focused and determined in her fight.
“I just looked at it as another thing that I needed to do,î she said. ìI was never down or depressed. I never missed a beat.”
When she found herself cancer-free and faced with another chance at life, White felt relieved and excited. She said it has given her more determination to succeed.
With her newfound determination, White opened Kim’s Specialty Chocolates, and employed her mother-in-law Marilyn White and one of her good friends Dawn Gatewood. The trio works puts in long hours in order to create their products.
This teamwork, determination and personal customer care are just some of the qualities that ensure Kim’s Specialty Chocolates will provide customized chocolates for every occasion.
Kim’s Specialty Chocolates is located at 890 Wabash Ave. suite D in Chesterton. For more information about Kim’s Specialty Chocolates, call 219-926-9700, e-mail, or visit

Where to find Kimís Specialty Chocolates:
* Kim Specialty Chocolates, located at 890 Wabash Ave. suite D in Chesterton.
* Opportunity Enterprises Simply Amazing Market, located at 2801 Evans Ave. in Valparaiso.
* Lake Effect Florals at the Schoolhouse Shop, located at 278 East 1500 North in Chesterton.

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