Play it again, and agin and then trade it in

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When you go through those exercises in high school economics about making up a monthly budget and allocating money there are certain areas that everyone hits on. Rent, car payments, gas, food and other essentials always make the list. But lots of us forgot to budget for entertainment, whether that was going out to the movies or buying the latest video game to hit the shelves. However, once you moved out and realized that entertainment costs are indeed a necessity you probably looked for the way to get the most bang for your buck. Fortunately there is a way out there for you to save or to make money, depending on your situation.

Used entertainment stores, though that’s not the official description of their niche, are places that specialize in bringing savings to customers that want to buy movies, game systems and video games, but who don’t want to pay full price (or who simply don’t have the spare cash at the end of the month). Now the first benefit of this is that you can buy slightly used products like DVDs, CDs, video game consoles and video games at a discounted rate. The secondary benefit is that if you happen to have a bunch of movies, games and music laying around your place you can pack it up and trade it in for cash or credit towards new purchases.

Now, there are some things you should be careful of as a shopper. Ask to see the product you’re buying, and check everything over. Look to see if there are scratches on the discs, look to see if instruction manuals are included, and check to see if the case is cracked or otherwise warped. There’s usually a “all sales final” policy, so it pays to be vigilant before you hand over your cash and take home your entertainment orphans.

On the other hand, there are things you should be aware of if you want to sell off or trade in your games, movies and CDs. First of all, make sure that you have everything that came with the purchase. This means for CDs include the clean disc, the proper case and the original lyrics sheet if one came with. For video games, clean disc, original case and instruction manual. All the original components need to be included, and a good buffing to add a bit of shine won’t hurt.

Once you have all of your offerings together though, there are still some factors that will affect the price you can get. Movies that are popular get a fair price, but if the store you go to sell at has copies of that movie in stock you won’t get as big of an offer. If the movie you have is obscure or unheard of, even if it’s in mint condition, you might not get much of an offer (or no offer at all). And one key to remember is that if you take store credit rather than cash, many places that make money off of this transfer of items will give you a better rate. The goal of any re-sale business is to keep product moving, and if you’re bringing in three and taking out four then the business wins in the end.

For Northwest Indiana residents you’ve got a lot of options for places to take your business and your old electronic entertainment to. Most pawn shops and many video game chains (such as Game Stop) accept these kinds of trade ins. For stores that perform this service as their main business though, your best bets are Disc Replay in Merrillville and Shallow Grave in Valparaiso.

Of course, as with any second hand store, it’s a grab bag when you walk in the doors. Since these stores don’t buy from bigger retailers, but from the public and other discount locations, what’s available is going to vary based on what purchases have been made recently. So if you go in looking for a specific game, movie or CD you’re pretty likely to get disappointed. If you’re looking for a genre, or just to go on a treasure hunt on the other hand, you’re likely to be much more satisfied with your choices.


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