Porter County Mayoral Race

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21 sep 2013 … enter online pharmacy! atarax low prices. buy canada. atarax canada free sample best atarax mail order. atarax … Olga Velazquez of Portage is wrapping up her first term as mayor, having served her hometown in various capacities before that. She has a vision for her city.

“Many of you I know personally,” she said.

”I have met you at city council meetings, at city events and functions, at city parades and festivals. Some of you have been my neighbors, or are my neighbors now. I have worked for some of you and some of you have worked for me, and now I currently work for all of you. I thank you all for your friendship and support.

“Thank you for taking the time to visit the OLGA4MAYOR website. I appreciate your interest and I am graciously asking for your vote to re-elect me, Mayor Olga Velazquez, on Nov. 8.

“I want to talk about ‘Our Portage.’ Where we are at as a city, and where we are going (because make no mistake, we are moving forward). Our Portage is a great place, to live, work, play and stay because of our citizens, our families, youth, senior citizens and people who care about making a difference.

“As your mayor, I have worked hard to serve you, my constituents, with integrity and commitment. My hearts work has always been about service to people. Public service is a noble calling. I have answered this calling through various roles in service to our Portage.”

“I learned about service at a very young age from my family and faith community. My years of girl scouting taught me about service to others. I have given service to our schools, PTOs, Portage Youth Commission, Senior Services, Regional Planning Commission, healthcare organizations, Solid Waste District, Portage Education Foundation and many other community organizations.”

“Public service is about maintaining integrity and character and remembering you are there to serve the public. As your Mayor, I have worked diligently to “Protect, Improve and Serve Our Portage.” I have had the privilege to meet many of you through Mayor’s Night Out meetings, phone calls, visits to your homes and churches and various community activities. I have listened to your ideas and concerns. While we have faced the worst recession since the Great Depression Our Portage remains stable. Together with the many hard working and loyal city employees, we have worked to ensure Our Portage’s progress and success.

“When deciding who you will cast your vote for, I ask you to look at what I have done as your mayor to “Protect, Improve and Serve Our Portage.” I humbly ask for your vote and support so that we, together, can continue moving forward in a positive direction on the path to greatness for our city we call home – Portage.”

Portage County Sheriff Dave Lain has worked with her for four years and likes the results, as does Portage Police Chief Becker.

Vehicle thefts in Portage are down 41 percent, burglaries 28 percent and juvenile arrests 37 percent.

“The Mayor offered me a unique opportunity four years ago to leave a 32-year career with the FBI and team up with her to keep Portage safe,” said Becker. “As the Chief of Police, I am proud of our department’s accomplishments, but our work is not done. The mayor and I will work together with the men and women of the police department to ensure that Portage remains safe for all who visit, work or call Portage their home.”

Lain echoed those comments.

“I have worked with Mayor Velazquez on a number of issues through the past four years and she is genuine, sincere and accessible,” he said. “Portage would do well to continue the course.”

Jim Snyder, GOP Mayoral Candidate

from canada . fastest shipping, generic medicine for zoloft. Jim Snyder of Portage is in his second run for elected office, as the Republican candidate for mayor.

“Portage is faced with real challenges, but her potential outweighs the challenges. That is why I am running to be the next mayor and I have taken to the sidewalks going door-to-door listening to the people of our city.”

Snyder has served on both the Portage Plan Commission and on the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Council.

He has received endorsements from the rank-and-file members of the Portage Fire, Police and Streets and Sanitation Departments.

He sees a connection with real people as an important commitment to the growth of his city. As a manager at First Financial Trust Mortgage, he has worked with families in this tough economic climate.

“It has been evident, in the past four years, our families have been struggling to pay their bills and manage their finances,” he said.

“It is my belief Portage should manage its fiscal budget just like a family would. As your mayor, we will cut the waste and inefficiencies at Portage City Hall. We will make sure we live within our means so we do not raise fees or taxes. No longer will our recycling trucks be traveling to Portage bars to pick up recycled material free of charge.”

His business experiences have made him aware of the real struggles of real people.

“I do not believe it is the Portage City Hall’s responsibility to create jobs. It is our responsibility to create an environment where businesses want to locate. We need to mend our relationships with Portage businesses.

“We will turn Portage back into the environment former Mayor Doug Olsen left us with, ‘Open For Business.’ We will be friendly to businesses and will begin to ask, ‘What can we do to help you or get you to locate here?’

“Portage owns hundreds of acres of the most prime real estate in Indiana,” he observes. “We must make sure we use that land to create Portage jobs. We will partner with a firm qualified to market this land internationally.”

He sees the Port of Indiana as an untapped resource.

“The Port of Indiana brings in billions of dollars a year in commerce. We should be better positioned to make sure we get jobs here quickly.

“Portage City Hall must become less burdensome on job creators to help attract good restaurants and shopping in our city limits.

“Business owners should be encouraged to settle here and should be helped through the process of establishing themselves here, as opposed to being forced to jump through hoop after hoop of wasteful bureaucracy.”

Snyder’s views on law and order are firm.

“Portage residents want to know they are safe,” he said.

“Recently, we closed our police station for the first time in 46 years. This is unacceptable. We will make sure the station is manned 24/7, to be there in your hour of greatest need.

“We must also increase our patrols on the Route 20 corridor to stop gangs, drugs and prostitution and make sure they never come back.”

All of the dedication to service and family is grounded in Snyder’s personal life experience. He worked to help his own family since high school. His father settled the family in South Haven after he attended a nearby Bible college.

After his graduation with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, he purchased his first home on Laurel Avenue in Portage. Shortly after, he married the love of his life, Deborah.

“I have knocked on many doors and spoken to you about the issues that matter to you,” he said. “It has been an honor to run for this position. I will be humbled to receive your votes.”

Mayor Jon Costas, Valparaiso advair diskus inhaler price buy advair diskus 250 50 dapoxetine drug interactions dapoxetine offers priligy side effects alcohol in buy london dapoxetine duration action.

“I was not elected to be a mere caretaker – the city deserves more,” said Jon Costas on the eve of his run for re-election as mayor of Valparaiso.

“My goal is to boldly confront the issues facing our city and, with the help of our City Council, employees, and citizens, find and implement solutions to achieve success.”

He sees a continued growth of business as a way to keep Valparaiso residents working,

“Working as a team with our City Council, Redevelopment Commission, and local businesses, we’ve revitalized and re-energized our North Calumet Corridor. The initial investment by the city and the Redevelopment Commission has served as the catalyst for millions of dollars in improvements by the private sector,” Costas said.

“This shopping area serves as the city’s northern entrance. Known as “County Seat,” it had become a dated strip mall, poorly maintained by an absentee landlord. In 2005 the city moved forward to purchase this large commercial area and then sell it to a local development company, owned by the Urschel family, long-time Valparaiso residents/business owners. This purchase and sale launched the three-year revitalization project currently nearing completion.

The city led the way in completely redesigning the area from a tired strip mall to a dynamic new shopping destination – restructuring roadways, adding sidewalks, lighting, and streetscaping.

“Today a revitalized shopping area has taken shape on the former site of County Seat. Now known as “Cumberland Crossing,” the new retail center features a “town center” look.

“Valparaiso shoppers can purchase more of their goods and services right in Valparaiso, keeping more of the city’s income – and jobs – in the city. Yet, the success story goes well beyond the attractive buildings and productive businesses. The new Cumberland Crossing is a success story about teamwork.

“The city was able to partner with the privately-owned developer to create long-term plans. The Valparaiso Redevelopment Commission was also instrumental in the process, contributing nearly $8 million to initially purchase the property and then fund infrastructure improvements. Ultimately, as a result of planning, the city was able to secure a $1.2 million federal grant for the project.

“The new Cumberland Crossing area is now an attractive gateway to the city and it’s attracting private investment.”

Improved shopping is part of the Costas legacy. He also points to the improved standard of living through family-oriented activities.

“A centerpiece is the newly opened $15 million YMCA – substantially funded by a $10 million private contribution from the Urschel family,” he said. “The new YMCA is the biggest community project ever launched in Valparaiso. The YMCA chose the Cumberland Crossing location as a result of the city’s commitment to revitalizing the corridor. In turn, the new YMCA is drawing up to 2,000 visitors a day to the refreshed shopping district.”
Recognizing that senior citizens add value to a community, Costas also praises the many assisted living facilities as well as the new ones being built.

“Another substantial project is the $11 million renovation and expansion of the Pines Village Retirement Community – currently under way. Other businesses are also completing or planning upgrades to go along with the refreshed look,” he said.

Finally, Costas looks forward to continued success with the current city council.

“To continue moving Valparaiso forward, we need to have a strong city council team that works together to accomplish our mutual goals. I urge you to support these incredible city council candidates who have proven their commitment to our community,” he said.

“I want to express my appreciation to the citizens of Valparaiso for giving me the opportunity to lead this great city. I promise to make decisions based upon the best interests of our citizens and institute polices that bring about long-term, common sense solutions to our challenges.”

Robert McCasland, Mayoral Candidate

Robert “Bob” McCasland has devoted his lifetime to making Valparaiso a better city.

He sees the job of mayor as a full-time one.

“I will be the first full-time mayor of the city of Valparaiso,” he said.

He was raised in the city, graduating from Valparaiso High School in 1969. He went to Ball State University, and received his degree as part of the class of 1973.

Coming home, he married his high school sweetheart, Sharon, in 1974. They have two grown daughters and two grandchildren. He has owned his own business since 1979 and started another one in 1993. Sharon and their oldest daughter are both public school teachers in Northwest Indiana, the youngest is a social worker.

His interest in a well-run city is reflected in his service as an elected official. He has high standards for those chosen to serve the community.

“I have been an elected precinct committeeman, served as Valparaiso’s fourth district city councilman, and ran for mayor in the last election.

“I can freely say that I am not a party insider,” McCasland said.

“Being a believer in ‘less government,’ I believe in the concept of citizen government, rather than government by career politicians.”

“I feel strongly that anyone who uses an elected office for personal or financial gain is a thief. I will be your full-time mayor, leaving my business if elected.”

“The Costas administration has spent the last eight years taking Federal grants to benefit only a few areas of the city, with a large cost to the citizens.”

“These grants also come with strings attached, which means that we lose local control of the money as they require us to meet certain standards in order to qualify.”

“For example, they paid for buses, but no maintenance, fuel, employees, tires, or management costs. And then we charge a fare that will never even pay for half the cost of running the system.”

“Who are we really trying to help with a system that has no chance to succeed on its own, which will result in a drain on the taxpayers?”

“Let’s talk about ethics for a moment; I will push for a real ethics ordinance which will cover all the people who spend your money or who work for tax dollars.”

“The use of an elected office for personal or financial gain is wrong; sometimes it results in criminal charges like the past Mayor of East Chicago. Other times it just involves personal embarrassment as with an Indiana house representative “

“But it isn’t covered by Valparaiso’s ethics ordinance. Neither is campaign reform: I only accept $100 campaign donations from anyone. This includes unions, vendors, PACs, and other special interest groups. I will work only for the citizens of Valparaiso and to better their lives in any way possible.”

McCasland has also served in an elected capacity in non-political organizations.

“I have been active in the Valparaiso Elks Lodge 500 for many years, being elected twice to the position of Exalted Ruler and leading our lodge last year to a gain in membership. This halted a sad decline that has plagued many fraternal organizations in Valparaiso.

“Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little better. I hope my ideas to get Valparaiso back to a great place to live, work and shop are something you can support with your hard-earned money, as well as most importantly, your vote.”



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