Improvement track: It’s still not too late to accomplish some 2011 goals

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The year 2012 will be here in just about four weeks. We will soon see, “2011 in Review” articles in magazines and on TV news shows. Have you thought about your 2011 review? Not your review at your job, but your personal review. Some people will only say, “It was a good year” or “I am glad this year is over,” but what did you want to accomplish in 2011?

In just a month, the year will be over and all you will be able to do is review it. If you look today at what you had wanted to accomplish, or what your goals were for 2011, you still have time to do something toward achieving that end. Suppose you set out to lose 20 pounds this year and have not; in fact, you gained five more pounds. You could do nothing, use the excuse of, “Forget it. With the holidays coming up, I don’t stand a chance to lose any weight.”

That is certainly a defeatist thought and a ticket to gain more weight over the holidays. Instead you could decide that you will take this last month of the year to do something every day toward eating healthier. Healthier eating is a major part of achieving permanent weight loss.

So let’s say that you commit to yourself that the rest of this year you will take an apple to work each day. You will take a break in the afternoon to eat it and you will do the same on your days off.

This one step will be the start of a good habit. It is often stated that habits take 21 days to create.

This is true if you are not trying to change a habit that is already deeply embedded in your brain. A new habit is easier to take on than trying to change an old habit.

Start your apple-a-day habit instead of grabbing those holiday cookies, and you will find that you don’t need a handful of cookies to satisfy that mid-afternoon slump. You may be surprised that an apple and just one cookie, is all you need. A medium apple is j95 calories. A chocolate chip cookie, depending on the size and ingredients can be 350-500 calories.

You can see that instead of gobbling 1000 calories on a break, you can have your apple and a cookie, so you don’t feel deprived of holiday treats, and consume 445-595 calories. You have accomplished something toward your original goal of losing weight. You have started a healthier eating habit.

Many people are trying to lose weight, so it is an example that is easily relatable, but maybe you had a different goal for 2011. Maybe you want to stop procrastinating, or be better organized, or stop being late for appointments and meetings.

Find one thing that you can improve upon this month.

Choose a project that you have wanted to do, that you can complete in December.  Maybe it’s cleaning out one desk drawer at work or home that you have been putting off, or that will help you get better organized.

If you want to be on time, then take a look at your calendar. Find two upcoming meetings or appointments that you know you can make on time with a little extra planning and commitment to yourself. Then be sure to follow through and make that extra effort to be on time.

You can see that there really is time to achieve something that you wanted to accomplish this year. Start today to take one step toward your target. When you reflect on your year in review, you will be able to proudly say you did accomplish something in 2011. You will also have a real start on 2012, if you chose to keep the same goal.

 If you already achieved your goals for 2011, congratulations. You are in a league of your own. You can begin thinking about what you want to accomplish in 2012.

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