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Everyone has an opinion, but far from thinking they’re really valuable, people will just toss them right out into the air for anyone that cares to agree or disagree with.

Often at a volume that leads to more of the latter than the former. However if you’re a savvy consumer then you know that big companies will part with real money to hear just what your opinion is, if you know where to peddle your views.

And for that we turn to the Internet as a way to turn your views on everything from alcohol to snack food into cash in your hand.

The Internet is replete with paid survey opportunities.

Here’s the way a paid survey works — a big company pays a survey company money to gather opinions and crunch the numbers to find out what the public’s opinion is about a certain thing, whether it is low-rider jeans or a new TV show.

The survey company then looks for people to take surveys to elicit opinions, and the company offers a reward to people as a way to entice them to volunteer to take the survey. So not only are you being given money, and possibly free samples of stuff, but your views are what’s shaping corporate policy. All around, a pretty good deal for 15 to 20 minutes of your time.

You do need to be careful about where you take your surveys though.

As with any legitimate money-making opportunity for every one that’s real there are three or four that just want to bilk you out of your time and money. So keep a few things in mind before giving out your valuable opinion.

First, you will not be required to pay in order to take these surveys, so don’t pay money to join organizations that give you the opportunity to give your opinion. And read the fine print before clicking any boxes or agreeing to anything, otherwise you might find yourself getting advertisements and text messages that you agreed to.

There is no such thing as a free lunch, so be sure that you know exactly what information you’re required to give out before you start.

That being said, there are several legitimate websites that you can start your search with. One is www.globaltestmarket.com, and another is www.inboxdollars.com.

Both will pay you for completing surveys, and once you meet a certain payout limit you can request that a check be sent to you.

Additionally, www.e-rewards.com will allow you to get gift cards and items rather than cash for your surveys, but it’s an opportunity that you might want to check into all the same. After all, if you did get cash, wouldn’t you spend it on things like books, DVDs and electronics at some point anyway?

While you will make money for taking these surveys, don’t think that you can quit your day job. A well-paid survey is perhaps $5 to $10, and it will still take you at least half an hour or so to complete it. So this opportunity is really best for those looking to make a little extra spending cash, perhaps to pay a phone bill, rather than those that are looking for a whole different paycheck.

But as they say every little bit helps, and a penny saved is really a penny earned.

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