It’s about more than simple adjustments

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Community Chiropractic has been in business for nearly two decades, helping thousands of patients live pain-free, rehabilitate injuries and improve overall quality of life. At the end of September, Dr. Jaclyn Stitt began working there. Her approach to chiropractic treatment stresses overall health and wellness, a philosophy she uses with her patients.

Originally from Gary, and a graduate of Indiana University Northwest with a degree in psychology, Dr. Stitt previously worked as a pharmacy technician before making a life- and career-changing decision.

“I’d seen so many customers coming in getting tons of prescriptions,” said Dr. Stitt. “People were using medicines to combat side effects for other prescriptions which they were taking to alleviate symptoms from other problems.

“I always knew I wanted to be a doctor but I wasn’t sure what kind I wanted to be. Once I saw all these people coming in for these various prescriptions, trying to fix problems. I knew that wasn’t right and I wanted to go into a field where I didn’t have to prescribe drugs. I was looking for something more natural. I wanted to use my hands to heal and eliminate excessive drugs and unnecessary surgeries.”

Dr. Stitt responded to an advertisement from her university’s website and she ended up at Community Chiropractic. After meeting and shadowing with Dr. David Cryderman for several days, Stitt found herself at the helm of Community Chiropractic, a thriving practice with good business principles and great patients.

“I was really nervous about how the existing patients would react to me being new, however once I was able to work on them they kept coming back,” said Dr. Stitt. “In retrospect I believe this was the best fit for me. Now I have the confidence and experience to go out and eventually start my own practice.”

Dr. Stitt attended National University in Lombard, Ill. and obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic degree. She graduated second in her class. In her time studying, Dr. Stitt had the opportunity to work under the team chiropractor for the Northwestern University Football team and DePaul University. It really peaked her interest to learn the sports aspect of chiropractic therapy. Dr. Stitt was trained to use soft tissue techniques as well as acupuncture.  As a chiropractor, Dr. Stitt is trained in a variety of techniques and disciplines.

“I like playing detective,” said Dr. Stitt. “Most physicians basically treat symptoms. I treat the root of the problem and try to find the underlying cause. It makes me happy to identify the problems of my patients.

“Someone with back problems shouldn’t just be handled with pain pills. Often, someone’s back pain may be coming from a completely different part of the body, the feet, for example. Most people hear chiropractor and they think ‘back,’ but we treat the whole body, we’re a one stop shop here.”

Stitt now lives in Merrillville with her husband and three sons, all of whom, Dr. Stitt said, love to get adjusted. Along with her office manager and technician Jamie Lewis, Dr. Stitt essentially runs Community Chiropractic. She loves working with patients, helping to remove their pain and hopefully lead them to happier and healthier lives.

“The human body has the ability to heal itself and I’m here, with the help of the patient, to remove any interference. Whether it’s a misaligned vertebra, a joint’s that’s not moving properly or a nerve that is pinched, we treat everything,” said Dr. Stitt.

Community Chiropractic is located at 6325 Central Ave. in Portage. For more information or to make an appointment, call 219-763-7970.

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