Valentine ideas for any budget

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When Valentine’s Day comes at a time when the budget for celebration is low, don’t forsake the celebration for lack of funds. 

Valentine’s Day is about romance, love, and family.  Those are good reasons to celebrate any time of the year.

Two Christian priests were executed by the Roman Empire for secretly performing wedding ceremonies for Roman soldiers who wanted to get married.  In each case, the name of the Christian priest who died for performing weddings in secret was “Valentino”. 

The Roman Empire wanted soldiers who would be unmerciful to its enemies and the Roman leaders decided that married soldiers might show too much compassion towards the empire’s vanquished enemies.  So, at some point in time, marriage for Roman soldiers was outlawed.

Those secret weddings were not expensive or elaborate.  So, why does a celebration of Valentine’s Day need to be expensive?  Or, why does any day that celebrates romance, love, and family need to be expensive or elaborate?  There really is no reason.

So, if you want to celebrate on a budget, here are some ideas.  Visit an inexpensive restaurant.  Bring your own votive candles and ask permission to use them in the restaurant.  Buy one large shake and use two straws to drink it together.  Buy some school supplies and make a valentine for each other at a restaurant, a church, a school, a park, or whatever.

Restaurants might be able to attract budget-minded Valentine’s Day celebrants by providing votive candles, romantic music, decorated cupcakes, decorated cake, or other special things for those visiting the restaurant on Valentine’s Day.

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