Take a break from your home improvement projects

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For the young homeowner, each year presents a new set of home improvement projects. The year 2012 is no different.

As each task – from kitchen remodeling to hardwood floor installation – is completed, you can feel the momentum building. Inching your way ever closer to the ultimate dream-home goal, you keep pressing.

 But as any doctor will tell you, too much of one thing is rarely good. That’s why 2012 is the year to supplement your home improvement pace with some fun-filled activities designed to reduce stress and reinvigorate that designer spirit.

Here are five ideas that can help you feel renewed while you continue your home improvement dream:

1. Get out of the house. Whether you are simply going for a walk or taking a weekend camping trip with the family, some time away from your canvas can rejuvenate those creative juices. Trips to art galleries can be especially helpful as new themes spark creative ideas that make your home improvement job more enjoyable.

2. Watch a funny movie. Sometimes all you need is a good laugh to rebuild your spirits and relax your tired brain. Visit your local movie rental store and pick up a few good films to watch while you kick back on the couch.

3. Start a weekly game night. If you have a family, board games are a great way to strengthen that bond. If you are a single bachelor, grab some cards and poker chips. A Texas Hold ‘em poker night will be a great way to ease some stresses and can also bring some buddies who can help with larger projects in your house.

4. Keep up with your favorite hobby. Even if you think that your home improvement project is your hobby, you need to find something else to take your mind off it for a while.

5. Have a party. Break up your home improvement projects into weekly tasks. As each task is completed, throw yourself a small bash to celebrate. When the festivities subside, regroup and refocus.


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