From driver to director, 32 years at PCACS

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For 32 years, PCACS Transportation Director Flo Snuffer has seen first-hand how important our service is to Porter County residents.

Our buses have been rolling on county roads for more than 50 years, providing a vital lifeline to seniors, low-income residents and people with disabilities. We offer a door-to-door service for a $1 fee one-way and we also offer financial assistance for those facing challenges.

“They call me all the time crying that if it wasn’t for the service, they don’t know what they would do,” Snuffer said. “They need to get from Point A to Point B, which includes from the door to the bus. Without our transportation service, you would be talking about thousands of people without a ride.”

Snuffer sees how dialysis patients are especially reliant on the rides for their life-saving treatments.

“For some, there is no surviving out there without the rides,” Snuffer said. “We have a wonderful service.”

Snuffer has been leading our transportation department for the last 15 years. Her duties include creating the daily manifest of the drivers’ routes, taking calls for appointments, coordinating maintenance of the vehicles, and managing the mailing and banking services for the office.

“Our drivers love their people. I hope people out there know that. We do what we do for our clients,” she said.

Snuffer said it was the previous 17 years behind the wheel as a driver that helped establish her own connections to our clients.

“The difference in the office is I don’t have the face-to-face with people that I had when I was out there as a driver. I loved that part,” Snuffer said. “I love people. I am a people person. I enjoy knowing that I am doing something useful and helping people – that makes me feel good.”

Snuffer had begun as a backup for another driver who was out on sick leave before settling in to her 32-year career with PCACS.

“This is my first and only job. My neighbor, Wanda Wilson – who is now retired – told me they needed backup drivers,” she said. “I was hired and started the next day.

“People come and go (at PCACS), but here I am. Now, I feel like I am a fixture here.”

Outside of the office, her family is her top priority. She has been married to husband Marshall, who is a truck driver, for 42 years. She has two sons, Jeff and Dan, a granddaughter, Addison, 4, and grandsons Kyle, 14, and Cole, 12.

“I am all about my family. I watch Addison two days a week and we all live in the same subdivision in Valparaiso,” she said.

Snuffer also coaches a youth bowling league at Hobart Lanes where she teaches kids the basics of bowling.

“It is so awesome. They are just hilarious and so cute. When they get the ball down the lane, they just look at you so excited.”

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