I Scream, You Scream…The Best Places to Get Ice Cream in Valparaiso

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With summer upon us, where can you get a sweet treat? Ice cream is perhaps the most iconic dessert of the summer months, and it might be the only time the entire year that you consider eating frozen dairy product in the middle of the day as a way to keep cool. And while waiting for the ice cream truck to drive on by is still a viable option, there are several real gems dotted throughout Valparaiso that you’d be doing your taste buds a great disservice by not checking out. This is especially true if you want to steer clear of the pre-packaged desserts that you’ll find at most chain stores and restaurants.

Pat’s Ice Cream Parlor
222 Lincolnway
Valparaiso, In. 46383

Pat’s is the place to be for people looking for a little relief from the heat in downtown Valparaiso. Specializing in ice cream of various flavors, Pat’s often surprises both casual and long-time visitors with flavors like the infamous black licorice, or with new additions such as caffeinated ice cream in flavors as varied as peanut butter and cappuccino. Pat’s has just the thing for that lethargic lunch break, or for taking your nieces out for a cone before dropping them back at home with their parents. Pat’s is affordable, tasty and it also has healthy options like ice cream for dieters as well as fruit smoothies for those that want something refreshing which is healthier than your traditional ice cream sundae.

Valpo Velvet Shoppe
55-57 W. Monroe Street
Valparaiso, In. 46383

You’ve all likely seen Valpo Velvet ice cream at your local grocery store, but not everyone knows that there is also an old fashioned ice cream shoppe and eatery right here in Valparaiso. A local institution, Valpo Velvet offers a wide variety of ice creams, shakes and confectionery treats, all of them using the locally produced Valpo Velvet ice cream. In addition to dessert though, Valpo Velvet also has a variety of meals and quick lunches for those that want something local and filling on their lunch break. There’s seating inside, as well as out on the patio for those that want to enjoy the warm weather while eating something cold, and the atmosphere of the café and eatery makes it a great place to bring the kids as a special treat for good behavior. Good value for the money, and located only a few blocks from the downtown square, the Valpo Velvet Shoppe is a prime destination if you want to take an evening stroll and reward yourself afterward. Valpo Velvet ice cream has been named among the “Top 10 Indiana Places for Ice Cream.”

The Broadway Cafe
1805 Morthland Drive
Valparaiso, In. 46383

The Broadway Cafe is located right on route 30 near Wal Mart, and it isn’t the sort of place that most people associate with dessert off the top of their heads. For 15 years now the Broadway Cafe has offered a variety of food for a filling dining experience, with dishes that range from traditional hamburgers to Greek favorites like gyros. However, if you peruse the cover of the menu you’ll see that Broadway also has a number of desserts, with 9 specials named after the bodies in the solar system. Beyond the special confectionaries though the Broadway Café also offers more traditional scoops of ice cream, sundaes and other, smaller frozen desserts right alongside slices of cake and pieces of pie. So whether you prefer mint chips or cookies and cream, there’s something on that list bound to make your sweet tooth ache.

Oberweis Ice Cream Company
2505 Laporte Avenue
Valparaiso, In. 46383

Oberweis, which is located next to Gelsosomo’s Pizza (a restaurant that, conveniently, doesn’t have a dessert menu) is the ice cream of choice for those that want the authentic stuff free from as many preservatives and chemicals as possible. Both Pat’s and Valpo Velvet provide similar, genuine products, but Oberweis goes a step to the left in also offering that same quality in milk as well as chocolate milk that comes in old fashioned glass bottles that are easy to recycle. Beyond the dairy section though, Oberweis also offers home-style soda pop and lemonade which bring the same, farm fresh quality straight to your refrigerator. With a constant array of changing flavors and new treats on the menu, Oberweis isn’t a cheap place to satisfy your cravings at, but you do get the very top quality product for your money. Additionally, Oberweis is across the street from the Target shopping center, making it a simple detour in the middle of running errands for you to cool off and enjoy yourself.

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