Finding the path and how to walk it

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Life coach helps clients successfully pursue happiness

The road to personal happiness, fulfillment in life and success can often be disrupted with frustration, confusion and doubt. Life’s curveballs and surprises can catch many off guard, sometimes leading them away from their ultimate purpose. Easter Becker-Smith is in the business of helping people discover themselves, their goals and finding the right way to make their dreams come true.

As she puts it, life coaching is basically about helping people move forward with their lives and achieve their dreams. Becker-Smith is a life coach, trainer and motivational speaker. Different from therapy, Becker-Smith isn’t a therapist, and the business she’s in isn’t a search of why people do things but rather where people are in their lives and how can she help them move onward in a positive direction.

“Life coaching is about change. If you don’t want to change then you don’t want to be coached. Change is a good thing, it helps you move forward,” said Becker-Smith. “So many people are stuck in life and unsure of how to find fulfillment. I help people understand where they are in their lives and how to help them move forward.”

A graduate from Indiana University with a degree in telecommunications and theater, Becker-Smith’s career began in the corporate world of sales and retail where she worked for over 20 years. During those years, she often found that time after time employees were approaching her, seeking advice about situations involving people problems and personal issues. She read an article mentioning life coaching and a light bulb went off in her head. Following a thorough and intensive two-year course at the Coaches Training Institute, Becker-Smith became a life coach.

Becker-Smith is an expert in helping people find their way out of patterns of negative behavior, the proverbial “rut.” More than a simple counseling session, life coaching involves exploration and change. Her work with clients helps stimulate the personal discovery process, helping them use their hearts and minds to facilitate behavioral change and personal growth.

“When you go to friends and family with problems, people are well-meaning with their advice, but their advice comes from what they think is good for you or what they think you should do. A coach helps you discover what’s right for you. It leaves the personal opinion out and helps figure out what’s right for you,” said Becker-Smith.

  Becker-Smith’s profession offers a variety of personal development programs, each confidentially tailored to the client. She also extends her services further than one-on-one coaching sessions, offering leadership development seminars, accountability presentations and hiring for success workshops for companies. Her work with clients, helping them to improve their interview and public speaking skills, stems from her experience interviewing thousands of job candidates during her career in the corporate world. She is also a member of Valparaiso Toastmasters, a group which helps promote and improve public speaking and leadership skills.

“I joined the group so that I could develop my speaking skills in front of large groups. I truly believe the practice of group speaking includes learning to stand up and speak of a topic off the top of your head,” said Becker-Smith. “It’s important in an interview situation and in business meetings so you can articulate what you’re saying in an accurate and concise way and Toastmasters helps train you to accomplish this.”

Becker-Smith works to design programs on a client-by-client basis, working with individual client needs and budgets. For more information, call 219-614-3982 or visit

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