Adventures in Retirement- Time Management Can Provide More Opportunities for Seniors

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Time management is the process of making more efficient use of one’s time.  It may be accomplished by replacing time-wasting activities with more important ones, or by combining two activities at once.  Today’s complex lifestyles require us to balance work, family life and recreation time.

During my working years, I often did some of my office work while commuting to Chicago from Indiana by bus or by train or carpool.  I often did bill-paying and family bookkeeping while watching TV.  Through careful planning, I discovered small usable amounts of time throughout my day.

When I retired, I took time to “smell the roses.” I slowed done my lifestyle and took more time for recreation and relaxation.  After a few years, I realized that I was becoming lazy.

As I found more and more retirement activities that I wanted to participate in, I began to run out of my available time.  Eventually, I realized that I needed to manage time again.  Now, I fit in extra minutes of time by bringing “work” or things I want to read to doctors’ waiting rooms, the license bureau, or anywhere I think I will have a significant amount of downtime. For example, I dictated much of this article to a voice recorder while walking our dog.

As much as it seems like time management interferes with retirement, it does allow you to find more time for the things you want to do.

It makes more sense when you realize what time management really is. The key to effective management of your time is to find the line between stress and efficient activity, and not cross that line. That is, don’t try to fit in so many things in a short time span so that it causes stress.  It makes more sense to avoid wasting time when you can use it to have more fun and adventure in your life.  Just don’t let the effort to create more time for yourself create stress in your day.

The first step in time management is to analyze how you spend your time, and think about what you could do with the time you are wasting to get your car services, or while relaxing after dinner.  Depending on your lifestyle and interests, you, too, may find additional minutes that you can use to more fully enjoy your retirement life.


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