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When I find a business that treats a senior citizen fairly, I want to tell others about that so that others will know and speak well of that firm.

Such is the case with Bright Side Residential Redevelopment Group LLC.  Kevin Karagias is the President of that firm and his wife Kaylie seems to be his chief advisor and cheerleader.

My brother and I worked to clear our mother’s home so that we could sell it to support our mother in a nursing home.  We targeted investors as potential buyers because the house needed repair of deferred maintenance and some remodeling.  I have worked in construction in the past and told only my brother what I thought the fair market value was for our mother’s home.

After four weeks of showing the house, we accepted the bid that Kevin Karagias offered.  It was exactly what I told my brother I believed was the fair market value of our mother’s home.  Some of the other offers were respectable and some were just simply exploitive.  One investor offered less than half the fair market value bid that Kevin Karagias made.

In other words, Kevin Karagias and his firm made a fair offer and did not try to take advantage of our mother or our family.  Also, he worked with us on some details regarding the scheduling of the closing and taking possession.

Many other people face the problem that my brother and I faced.  If you are facing a similar problem, I’d recommend that you contact Kevin Karagias and let him look at the property and tell you if he is interested.  If he is interested, I have confidence that he will treat you, your family, or your friends fairly.  To learn more, visit www.brightsideredevelopment.com.

Know Your Home’s Current Value

Having lived in your home for many years, it is natural to be unsure of its current value. However, lack of knowledge about current prices could cause you to accept much less for your home than it is worth. You also might wait too long to accept a fair offer under the mistaken belief that a higher one may be around the corner. To find out the current price for your home, so that you don’t lose out on a sale, review the comparative market analysis, or CMA, provided by your real estate agent. The CMA, compiled from data in your region’s multiple listing service, includes the most up-to-date information about homes in your neighborhood, similar to yours, that have sold.

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