Why Calumet Park and our funeral homes have special events

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Throughout the year, Calumet Park Cemetery in Merrillville, Calumet Park Funeral Chapels in Merrillville and Hobart, and Rendina Funeral Home in Gary, host a number of events as listed in this article. Each event is costly, from actual money spent to time and to labor.  If the purpose was to line our own pockets by trying to influence you to use our cemetery, then the money would be ill-spent.

There may be a family here or there that says they decided to use Calumet Park Cemetery because of our Christmas Angel Lighting ceremonies, or because of our wonderful live butterfly release program, and to those families, we say thank you.

However, this is a family-owned business and has been since 1928.  Life is so short, with our days numbered even before we are born. As a business, we are closing in on the life expectancy plus a couple of years of the average human’s lifespan. We work day in and day out with families in the community and suffer along with them as they bring their miscarriages, their stillborn infants, their children, parents and grandparents to us for final placement in our cemetery.

Our entire staff recognizes the pain of loss and does our best to offer caring service to meet your needs.  We also recognize that there is a lifetime relationship interwoven with your selection of Calumet Park Cemetery and those who do their best to meet your needs.  It is because of this special need of every family in the region to dispose of their dead, we have a mindset that the government’s use of the word disposition (with laws in accordance with same) leaves out the reason we came into existence as a company.

We feel it is important to take care of the issue of what to do with our dead, and that is the reason for 400 acres of land living under the umbrella title of “cemetery.” However, we deal not only with the dead but with the living.  The joys of having a family, watching them grow and prosper, and marry and every other big and small event that marks our existence on this planet do not disappear from our beings when someone passes.

My dad died in 1960 and I still feel him near at times.  I still hear a song he liked, or catch a glimpse of a stranger that resembles him, and my heart beats just a little faster.  It is for the emotional ties that we have with those we love that Calumet Park produces these special community activities.  A good example is a new event that is scheduled for Oct. 15. It seems that almost everyone I meet either lost a baby through miscarriage, or knows someone who did. Those losses to the parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters is real and painful and for the most part, not talked about.

So, we were informed of a program that has gone on for years called a wave of light. The idea is that it is possible to gather at a candle lighting ceremony, acknowledge the loss, pray, use that child’s name openly and lovingly, and light a candle.  Currently, considering all time zones, the process allows a candle to be lighting the darkness for 24 hours straight.

With this in mind, Calumet Park Funeral Chapel on Taft in Merrillville is participating for the first time in this ceremony of reflection and remembrance.  We invite all readers of this article to call so you can join in and light a candle for your special baby.  (Go to www.miscarriedbaby.com or call 219-730-9199 for information.)

 Like all of our events, the purpose is to give back to the families that have trusted us for the past 91 years to take care of their cemetery and funeral needs, both at-need and pre-need.  Before you know it, we will be gathering at each of our funeral homes to acknowledge all of our lost loves by reading off a name and hanging a class angel on our angel trees.  We have fishing events, many veteran activities on both Memorial Weekend and Veteran’s Day and a live butterfly release in mid-summer.  We just completed our second annual 5K walk-run for suicide awareness, an event that lets people share a healthy activity with proceeds going to a worthy cause.

My point is that the world is getting more and more divisive.  People have so much anger in our modern times shouted across the Internet and demonstrated dramatically with all the shootings all over the country. I watch the news and it feels like the old days of Vietnam when each night we were all told how many people died in the undeclared war.  Our goal is to slow things down with a family activity as described above, or a fireworks show at the end of May or just having a beautiful cemetery and up to date funeral facilities to help make all of our end of life momentsas beautiful as possible.

Would we like you to use our facilities?  Of course, we would.  In fact, it is to your advantage to pre-arrange to help you freeze the price on your selection, know and get exactly what you want, and be able to make payments when done on a pre-need basis without paying any interest.  We feel that it is good for a family to become familiar with the place and the people that will be caring for their family when death occurs.  What better way than to join in on these activities.  Some are fun, some are reverent, some are sad but always people leave feeling a little better than when they showed up as they see that Calumet Park and affiliates are more than just a place to “do business” when someone close to you dies.

If you have any questions, feel free to call 219-769-8803 and like us on Facebook at mycalumetpark.


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