It’s Never Too Late | Finding New Year’s inspiration: Poem for 2020 and beyond

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As we head into a New Year, I wanted to share a poem written by one of my clients. This client, whom I’ll call Mary, has worked in lots of positions that have paid the bills over the years, but now she’s looking to do something where she can touch people’s lives in a more tangible way. She’s been scared of making a change…scared of stepping out, but through our work together and her own soul-searching, she’s developed a new attitude about what’s possible.

Mary wrote this poem as a kind of exercise as she reflected on her fears, hopes and dreams for 2020, and I loved it so much I asked her if I could share it with my CDH readers since it reflects the feelings of so many women.

I wish for you a New Year filled with work that brings you much joy and fulfillment.

 The Night Before New Year’s

‘Twas the night before New Year’s and all through my mind

Ran well-worn old tapes – the worst punishing kind.

They said “Who you fooling?” “What? You? Taking flight?

“Oh no, don’t you dare change. We’ll put up a fight!”

There had been several years of much struggle and doubt

Soul-less jobs over time I’d cared nothing about

But something got stirring on December three-one

A calling…a feeling…good work being done

A voice deep inside said, “Imagine the ultimate

…a job where your friends say, ‘It’s as if you were born to it!’”

Why not go for the job of which I am most scared?

Why not go for the job where they’d all say, “She cared?”

I opened my laptop and clicked on old folders –

“Resumé”, “Cover Letters” – I threw back my shoulders

“I can do this!” I thought – throwing shade at the goblins

“I am doing this!” I fought. “You will not shake my progress!”

The glow from the screen warmed me inside and out

It was time to get going, and I let out a shout:

Come, Purpose!

Come, Passion!

Come, Resolve and decision!

Come, Courage!

Come, Confidence,

Integrity, and intuition!

From the top of my head

To the tips of my toes

I was filled with inspiration

That from here only grows

While there’s fear moving forward now that I’m much older,

Time’s given me strength, so it’s time to be bolder

Why not think, ‘Yes I can,’ and have trust and have faith

And sing a new song called “It’s never too late!”

So I send up a wish

On this New Year’s Eve night

That those goblins find peace at last

…I think they just might.

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