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On January 31, I helped a client from Chicago Heights, Illinois.

The client got a bill from a medical firm in northwest Indiana that uses a medical billing firm in Illinois.  I researched the bill and learned that the medical firm was already paid the balance by the Medicare supplement insurance policy that our client had purchased through our insurance agency.  The client was being double billed.

This is not extremely unusual.  I have caught quite a few medical billing firms sending a bill to a senior citizen after the senior’s Medicare supplement insurance company had already paid the bill.  It is called double billing and it is a big problem in the Medicare system.  There is a lack of simple and effective remedies to protect seniors from this problem.  If no one helps the senior to catch and correct the problem, the senior pays an un-owed bill after the senior’s insurance company paid the same bill.

Here, with some editing to protect our client’s privacy, is the letter that I sent to the medical billing firm and its client.

Dear Representative, 

Our client sent to our firm a bill from your firm for our review.  The bill seeks a balance of $XXXXX on Account Number XXXXXXX for services rendered on 10/07/2019.

I phoned the Medicare supplement insurance firm of this client to learn what it knew of this bill.  THE INSURANCE FIRM REPORTED THAT YOUR BILL TO OUR CLIENT IS FALSE.

The insurance company received the information on this claim on November 7, 2019.  It sent a check by virtual credit card to your firm on November 8, 2019.  YOUR FIRM CASHED THE CHECK ON NOVEMBER 8, 2019.  Your bill to our client was dated 11/21/2019.  That means that your firm had the payment for this bill almost two weeks before you sent the bill.  Why did your firm bill our client 13 days after being paid the balance in full?

The check was a bulk check numbered XXXXXXXXX.  If you need help tracking the money, phone 800-XXX-XXXX and ask for the provider claims dept.  Please, cease and desist attempting to get money from our client.  You have been paid in full already.

All the help that I gave this client was FREE OF CHARGE.  This insurance agency helps clients with such medical billing problems without charging a dime.  If your insurance agent or agency will not help with such medical billing problems, why not switch to one that will.  Ours will.

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