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Portage shop all about love, health, good fortune by Lee Lyons

As unique as a “blue butterfly,” this New Age shop in Portage bearing the same name is a joy to behold and a harbinger of love, health, and good fortune.

Those seeking alternative health methods or a spiritual approach to overall wellness will find knowledgeable assistance, information and practitioners of various healing forms at the Blue Butterfly at 5806 Central Ave., Portage. The shop provides for every level of non-traditional wellness of both mind and body, from massage to Reiki to hot bamboo; and from teas and herbs to crystals and incense.

Myndi Whiteside, one half of the mother-daughter duo who own and delight in the shop, feels that health and spirituality are on the rise and she’s happy that her shop contributes to the trend.

“People are becoming more interested in meditation as a form of personal wellness. Attendance at national parks and other outdoor activities is growing. We see organic sections in food stores tripling in size and ‘healthy’ options appearing on menus,” Myndi says. In addition, people are using fresh herbs and getting back to “natural ways,” she declares with a smile.

The Blue Butterfly is a source for all of these pursuits, a metaphysical supply store and conduit to information and services dedicated to maximizing wellness. A section of dried herbs (and occasionally, fresh) serves people who make their own poultices, incense, and bath products.  Aromatherapy, which has had “a huge explosion in popularity” in recent years, according to Myndi, can be achieved through naturally made bath products, candles, and skin lotions. A large selection of blended and essential oils is available for people who make their own, as well as for those who like to keep the fragrances close to their bodies in lockets and on cotton balls.

Aromatherapy is recommended by New Age practice for alleviating stress, headaches, and anxiety, as well as promoting a general sense of well-being. Burning candles at home is believed to increase relaxation and counteract negative energy.

Myndi and her mother, Paulette Greenwell, started making their own natural bath and body products 13 years ago, renting booth space in an antique shop in Chesterton.  From there they moved to a small shop in South Haven where they did a growing business for several years.

“The explosion in New Age popularity increased our business so much, we added classes, massage, Reiki, and more,” Myndi remembers. “But we got too big for the small shop and had to find a larger area. That’s when we moved to Portage four and a half years ago.”

They continue to offer traditional massage with a certified physical therapist and a quiet room and traditional massage table, as well as Swedish massage, hot bamboo therapy, deep tissue massage, and reflexology.

The shop also offers Reiki, a Japanese system of energy transfer. It is frequently used for pain relief and has been approved by many hospitals and traditional medical providers for that purpose.

Reiki is also used to “balance the body’s systems” and restore or maximize a person’s energy. Those uses have not gained much acceptance in the traditional medical community, but Reiki continues to be very popular, with an estimated 600,000 recipients in the United States.

Delila, the Reiki practitioner at the Blue Butterfly, has been “doing energy work for 35 years.” She explains that Reiki channels the energy of the earth and universe directing it to restore and maximize a person’s individual energy.

“Practitioners adjust and restore the client’s energy fields so that the body can do the healing work as it should,” Delila says.  “During the sessions, the practitioner works while the client is seated in a chair. Reiki is used for both physical and emotional health and clients tell me that they feel the energy moving within them, and a growing sense of relaxation and strength.”

Some Reiki practitioners “lay hands on clients,” while others channel the energy by moving their own hands very close over significant parts of the body but not touching. Most people get one or two sessions of Reiki therapy, while some have multiple sessions.

Classrooms in the rear of the store allow for guest speakers and classes in health and wellness activities, along with “how to” classes in jewelry, creative gemstones, yoga, and a wide variety of learning experiences.

After all of that health and wellness, it might be nice to just shop and that is also a large part of the Blue Butterfly’s offerings.

Sometimes classified as a “gift store,” the Blue Butterfly does a “huge” business in jewelry, candles, clothing, statuary, and décor, Myndi points out.

“We pride ourselves on providing the unique,” she says. “Gifts of all kinds, handmade and often, one-of-a-kind. It’s impossible to name everything we have. You just have to come in and see for yourself.”

To do just that, visit the Blue Butterfly at 5806 Central Ave., Portage, Tuesday through Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and on Sundays from noon to 5:00 p.m. Call them for further information at 219-354-2397.

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