Five Essentials to build a home office

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As the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic has escalated, businesses are trying to be proactive with their employee and customers’ health. One way that businesses are going about this is by having their employees working from home.

If you are an employee who has been told to work from home, follow these BBB tips to be successful working outside of the office. 

  • Start your day at your normal time. It may be tempting to not set an alarm for a day you will be working from home. The boss won’t know if I sleep in an extra 30 minutes, right? While you might be able to get away with something like this, you shouldn’t want to. Remaining consistent in your schedule and morning routine will help make your daily work routine play out, as well as make the transition back to work as smooth as possible.
  • Change out of your Pajamas. Don’t make casual Friday an everyday thing. Keeping your daily routine is important when it comes to working from home. Wearing your normal work attire will help to maintain the working mentality. You never know when your boss is going to want to video chat with you!
  • Work sitting upright at a table or desk. Productivity will be much higher if you are sitting at a table or desk, as opposed to sitting in your bed or on the couch. Being too comfortable with your sitting position during your work hours may lead to a decline in productivity. If you want to stretch your legs, try working with your laptop on the counter.
  • Be sure to take your breaks and lunch. Even though you may feel more relaxed working at home than at work, you still need to take your breaks. Having your allocated 10-15 minute breaks and your designated lunch hour will help to separate your work from home. Take a walk outside or play with your dog in the backyard. This will get you re-energized to take on the next couple of hours of work.
  •  Work Ethically. At the Better Business Bureau, we want to remind you to always work with ethics at the forefront. We know your boss isn’t able to spy on you at all times and ensure you are remaining on tasks. It is up to you to work with integrity and, no matter what location you are in, to put in 100% effort for the company who has entrusted you to help them succeed.

Working from home can be a new transition for some employees. As long as you are keeping your routine, taking your breaks, and working with ethics, you have the potential to be successful working from home.   

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