Portage Township Education Foundation’s Fundraiser is a Success for Portage Schools

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(From left to right) Taria Taylor, Principal at Aylesworth Elementary, with Carl Kurek, board member at Portage Township Education Foundation, receiving her check happily.

The Portage Township Education Foundation’s recent Major Saver fundraiser ended with a total of $22,925 raised. $16,641 will go towards PTEF funding for grants towards Portage Township School teachers while $6,284 will be going back to the schools who helped raise the money.

The fundraiser was a complete success. All the schools will be using that money for different things. Some will install innovative reading areas, materials for STEM projects and to motivative learning labs,” said Chad Bogue, President of PTEF.

Major Saver is a fundraiser that offers restaurant and family entertainment discount cards that students sell to raise funds that benefit education foundations and schools. A few of the local businesses that participated were YoAmazing, Clancy’s, Mexico Lindo and Schoop’s.

It’s great to give back to the community. We try to do as much as we can, especially for the schools here,” said April Gibson-Sternburg, manager at YoAmazing.

There were 10 schools that participated, two middle schools and eight elementary schools. The schools sold a total of 3,190 cards combined, Crisman Elementary being the highest seller who sold over 600 cards alone.

Willowcreek Middle School will be using the money to give back their students. “At the end of the year we have a what’s called a Mega party for all the students. We rent out big inflatables for the kids, giant slides and obstacle courses,” said Michelle Stewart, Principal at Willowcreek Middle School.

Willowcreek Middle School has had this event for a few years and is always looking for a way to bring students together. “This is a chance for them to go play, be with their friends and sign yearbooks. It’s a struggle to find the money to pay for all that but it’s a really wonderful thing that they’re able to have that event,” said Stewart.

PTEF board member Carl Kurek, went to each school that participated in the fundraiser to deliver their checks. The PTEF engages the community in fund raising efforts supporting grant programs that directly impact students in the Portage Township Schools.

PTEF is a non-profit entity comprised of dedicated volunteers from throughout the community. The foundation has awarded more than $150,000 in grants to Portage Township School teachers for their innovative learning projects resulting in student achievement since 2006. PTEF remains dedicated to supporting teachers and students in their efforts to innovate and achieve.



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