Retirement; Life’s Greatest Adventure Choosing appropriate sports that are good for you

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Many seniors are leading healthy active lives by developing healthy habits. Eating right, controlling weight, and just moving around all lead to a longer, happier, more active life.  However, it is desirable to evaluate your health and fitness level before participating in new sports that may not be appropriate for your physical condition, stamina and health.

As an active senior who wants to be more active, it is good to look for sports and sporting activities that are appropriate for you.  You want to be active, but not by doing something that will injure you.  Make sure you choose sports that are right for you.

The desire to become more active partly depends on your current health and medical condition, your level of energy, your flexibility, your stamina and your desire to become more active.  All these things can improve with more activity, but bear in mind that your older body cannot make rapid changes in activity.  Don’t take on something that might injure you.

Depending on all these factors, you can choose from a range of sports and activities that will suit people with a variety of athletic capabilities.

Many seniors walk every day or at least several times a week.  A brisk walk or even a leisurely one is an excellent form of exercise.  Working out at a fitness facility or in a home gym is also great.  A fitness facility provides the advantage of having professionals help you do as much exercise as possible without doing damage to your body.

Some of us are too lazy to do regular workout.  I am one of those.  I need to add fun and excitement to my exercise plan to motivate me to do as much as I need to do.  Walking in a scenic or interesting place is good, but sports can be more challenging and fun, combining excitement with fitness.

For some, golf is good exercise and it is easy on the body.  So is bowling.  Table tennis, yoga and meditation are also low impact.  Another popular sport, pickleball, is a little more demanding.  It is a sort of combination of table tennis and tennis, but without the running.  It is a step up in activity from golf.

A similar sport that is a little more demanding, but not too extreme, is water volleyball—a favorite of mine.  Other easy sports include fishing and horseshoes.  There are not a lot of places in Northwest Indiana where you can play water volleyball, but I play at the Hobart YMCA.  Taking ballroom dance lessons is surprisingly difficult, since you are constantly on the move, depending on which dances you learn.

Jogging, regular volleyball, ice skating, roller skating, cross-county skiing, snow shoeing, handball, swimming are a little more aggressive and require a higher level of fitness to play or participate in.  Skiing, bicycling, basketball, softball and tennis are examples of sports that require a lot of preparation and a high degree of fitness to play.

Still, they are a lot of fun. However, remember that to play a new sport, you must prepare physically before you play.  Also, discipline is important in playing more difficult sports.  Learn what you can do and what you can’t, so you don’t hurt yourself.


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