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Cleaning tips for businesses looking to reopen

As businesses reopen, they’re in a frantic scramble to clean and disinfect so employees and customers stay safe.  Overnight, business owners have had to become germ-fighting superheroes of sorts. They have crucial questions like How often do I clean? What are the dangerous office coronavirus hot spots? Where are germs lurking that could infect my entire workforce? What products and equipment do I need?

To help, local cleaning pros at Stratus Building Solutions, a green commercial cleaning and janitorial franchise, have developed the COVID-19 Clean, Disinfect & Re-Open Battle Plan, to help businesses plot a safe and healthy reopening.

Here is that plan:

Become a Clean, Mean, Germ Fighting Machine 

You must clean office surfaces before you disinfect.  Wipe the dust, spills, sticky stuff off surfaces- then attack the germs!  Disinfectants will be more effective on surfaces if you remove the dirt and grime first.

Wear your Superhero Cleaning Costume  

Make sure your cleaning team wears personal protection equipment like masks, gowns, and gloves to protect themselves and limit possible reintroduction of the virus to your facility after disinfecting.

Prepare for Germ Warfare 

Arm your teams with disinfectants on the EPA’s List for products effective in fighting the coronavirus.

If you hire an outside team, make sure they use the latest in high-tech disinfection  weapons such as  electric and electrostatic sprayers.

Map Out Your Warzone

Focus on areas with the most people:

Entryways/Exits – Focus on surfaces you touch when walking in and out

All light switches and light switch plate covers

All handles: Doors, cabinets, restrooms, sinks, stair handrails

Telephone receivers, TV remotes, cashier registers

Refrigerator, both in and out (food may have been left in there for weeks while the business was closed)

All frequently used items in the kitchen, breakrooms, and restrooms

Tables, chairs, desks, from the lobby to the conference room

Protect Your Troops 

Purchase and strategically place hand sanitizing stations and disinfecting wipes throughout your facility

Post handwashing signs in the kitchen, breakrooms, and restrooms

Stock up on hand soap and towels

If not mandated by your local government, consider implementing a mask policy to protect employees and customers

Safeguard the Homefront 

After cleaning and disinfecting, limit access to your business to assure no new germs are reintroduced prior to reopening

Create a routine cleaning and disinfecting schedule

Encourage the use of face masks, especially when social distancing measures are difficult to maintain



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