Follow these tips for keeping your bones healthy and strong.

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Strength Training = 30 Min. / 3X a week

Exercise can help strengthen bones and slow bone mineral loss. High-and low-impact weight-bearing exercises are also good: jogging, tennis, jumping rope, aerobics and treadmill or elliptical machines (low impact).

Family History = Knowledge is key

Find out if there is a family history of osteoporosis or other bone health issues – if so; discuss them with your medical provider.

Healthy Weight = BMI of 20-25

Being overweight isn’t the only concerns, research has shown that women who are underweight with a body mass index less than 18.5, are at higher risk for osteoporosis than those at normal BMI of 20 to 25.

Side Effects = Talk to your doctor

Medication (such as certain immunosuppressant, thyroid hormone and steroid treatments) can affect bone health. Ask about supplementing with calcium and vitamin D if necessary.

Healthy Diet = 1,000 – 2,000 MG

Get plenty of calcium and vitamin D in dairy products, leafy green veggies, fortified foods, and canned seafood such as sardines, salmon and shrimp. Vitamin D can be obtained in dairy and seafood, beef liver, mushrooms, egg yolks, supplements or sunlight. Don’t smoke and limit caffeine and alcohol drinks.

Vision = Annual check-ups

Stay up to date with vision checks. As you get older, your vision can change. Poor vision can cause a fall risk; you may not be able to see obstacles in your path.

Home Sweet Home = Safety first

Reduce your risk of falls (and broken bones) by making your home fall proof; install shower rails, remove area rugs that can cause slips, tape electrical cords to walls and install lights at the top and bottom of stairs.

Bone Density Test = For women 65+

Women older than 65 should have a bone density test, which can provide a clearer picture about the risk for broken bones. If a bone density test shows your bones are weak, ask your doctor about medications that can help.


This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care. Always follow your healthcare professional’s instructions.

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