Senior winter safety tips – at home, outdoors, on the road

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As the weather continues to be cool and the rain turns to snow this fall, many seniors who leave their homes may encounter unsafe situations. Dangerous driving, risky walking conditions and housing hazards can be worrisome on families. Review the safety tips below to help keep you and your family safe this season.

Home Safety Tips

• Do not hide keys under the doormat, in the mailbox or in a planter.

• Make sure the street number on your house is large, well-lit and unobstructed so emergency personnel can find your home quickly.

• Purchase an ABC multipurpose fire extinguisher for the home. Check yearly to verify the extinguisher is working.

• Keep anything flammable at least three feet away from any space heater. Most new space heaters shut off automatically if the heater falls over.

• Close fireplace doors or place a screen in front of a wood burning fire to catch flying sparks and rolling logs.

Winter Auto Safety Tips

• Get your car in peak operating condition for the winter before driving in rainy or snowy conditions.

• Tires: Check the tire pressure and make sure your tires have sufficient tread.

• Radiator: Have the anti-freeze levels checked.

• Belts: Inspect the belts and hoses for cracks or leaks.

• Oil: Ask your mechanic about switching to a thinner grade of engine oil for better performance in colder temperatures.

• Wipers: Inspect the windshield wipers and wiper fluid to ensure better visibility.

• Battery: Make sure the battery is fully charged and free of corrosion.

• Drive according to road conditions. If roads are covered with snow or rain, slow down.

Winter Outdoor Safety Tips

• Wear shoes that are flexible, non-skid with Velcro straps. Do not assume the walkways are not slippery.

• Make sure all walkways around your home are well-lit.

• Avoid walking on wet leaves that have fallen, they can be very slippery.

• Beware of black ice; especially melted snow runoff from cars can cause black ice when water freezes over.

• Dress for cooler temperatures by covering exposed skin and wearing water-proof clothing. Remember, hats stop body heat from escaping.

Other Safety Tips

• Be aware of the environment conditions surrounding you before putting yourself in a situation where injury is possible.

• Slow down – rushing can cause unnecessary risks.

• Do not carry large amounts of cash or unneeded credit cards.

• Sit near the driver or the exit when riding on a bus, train or subway.

• Use a direct deposit service for Social Security and other regular checks.

This information was provided by Emeritus Senior Living Brentwood at Hobart, located at 1420 Saint Mary’s Circle in Hobart, is an Emeritus Senior Living and Retirement Community. For more information, call 219-945-1968, or visit

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