Test our smarts, multiple choice

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Guess what the following terms mean or where they are from. Sign the statement that indicates you have not cheated: “I promise that I have not used a dictionary or the internet to find these answers.”

Send your answers to Bill Leavitt, 417 Killarney Lane, Valparaiso, IN 46385. The three submissions closest to correct will receive my book, Retirement: Life’s Greatest Adventure. Include your name for dedication by author, your address, your phone number and your email address (if available).

1. Concrete Mixer—Putty, Putty

a. House construction in the 1940s
b. A popular dance
c. A song
d. An ice cream concoction

2. Dashboard

a. A type of desk
b. A running club
c. An old-fashioned hyphen
d. A board on the front of a horse-drawn
carriage to keep mud off your dress

3. Fubar

a. F. . . . ed-up beyond all recognition
b. Reinforcing bars in concrete work
c. Inventor or strong concrete floors
d. The name of a 1940s comedian

4. Head Honcho

a. Indian term for chief
b. Japanese name for Corporal
c. Side kick of 1950’s Mexican Cowboy
d. Name of an American War Hero

5. Rx

a. Rexall brand
b. Recipiere
c. Term for incorrect prescription
d. Abbreviation for Romex Cable

6. Pursuit Plane

a. Racing plane of WWII era
b. Original term for fighter plane
c. Name for a type of Wright flyer
d. Airplane model following “OO” model

7. Crystal Set

a. Pair of Candelabra
b. An early radio
c. Easily damaged airplane
d. A set of dishes and glasses

8. Two Bits

a. Haircut
b. Two kids
c. 25 cents
d. Type of candy

9. Kilroy

a. A well-known WWII general
b. A party pooper
c. A 1940s big band
d. Signature of navy ship inspector

10. Soda Jerk

a. A person who serves ice cream and sodas in a drug store
b. A high school student who drinks nothing but sodas
c. An obnoxious student
d. A dance step

11. Curb Feelers

a. A drunk
b. Wires on fender skirts that tell you how far you are from the curb
c. Rollers for doing a teenage girl’s hair
d. An overly amorous teen

12. Game

a. Shapely legs
b. Slang for grilled ham
c. Term for conversation
d. Old-fashioned word for games

13. Ice Box

a. Insulated box for shipping ice
b. Another name for igloo
c. An appliance used to keep food cold without electricity
d. A cold room

14. Ersatz

a. An early discount store
b. An inferior substitute or imitation
c. Household vermin
d. A popular snack

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