Hearing Health Foundation 2021 Reader Survey

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Hearing Health Foundation would like to hear from our community to better serve your needs. Please fill out this survey (also accessible at hhf.org/survey) and mail it back.. Thank you for taking the time!

What is your level of hearing loss?
 Mild  Moderate  Moderately severe  Severe Profound I don’t know  I don’t have a hearing loss

If applicable and known, please indicate the cause of your hearing loss. Check all that apply.
 Age-related hearing loss  Noise-induced hearing loss  Genetic or hereditary factors (e.g., Connexin 26, Usher syndrome) Medication  Otosclerosis  Head trauma or tumor (e.g., acoustic neuroma)  Viral or bacterial infections (e.g., ear infections)  I don’t know  Other: _________________

Do you use hearing assistive technology (e.g., an FM system, hearing loop, PockeTalker, captioned telephone)?
 Yes     No

Do you wear hearing aids?
 Yes    No

Do you plan to purchase new hearing aids?
 In the next 3 months  In the next 6 months  In the next year  I don’t plan on purchasing new hearing aids

What is your primary source for information about hearing aids?
 Hearing healthcare professional  Hearing Health magazine  Online research  Other: _________________

Do you wear a cochlear implant (CI)?
 Yes  No

Where do you read Hearing Health magazine?
 Print  Online  Both

How did you hear about the magazine? Check all that apply.
 I subscribe  Doctor’s office  Family member  Friend  Social media Other: _________________

Please indicate your age.
 Under 18 years old  18 to 34  35 to 54  55 to 74  75 or older

What is your employment status?
 Employed or homemaker  Out of work or looking for work  Student  Unable to work  Retired

What is your pretax household income?
 Under $25,000  $25,000 to $49,999  $50,000 to $99,999  $100,000 to $149,999  $150,000 or more

Are you a veteran or active military service member?
 Yes       No

We’d also like to hear responses from your family and friends. The survey can be completed online at hhf.org/survey or mail back to: Hearing Health Foundation, 575 Eighth Ave. #1201 New York, NY 10018.  If you have any questions, please contact us at 212-257-6140 or info@hhf.org.

Source:  Hearing Health Foundation

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